Be Intolerant To Black Money and Be Supportive To Demonetization For National Cause.

A tremendous measure taken against black money recently by the government through demonetization of large-denomination currency is a hilarious step. All though Money is the most indispensable driving force of the society for regulating the daily expanses, and is said to be the most important Means to meet up our Ends, which makes it reasonably close to oxygen of the socio-economic needs of life. But the ironic reality for us to believe is that, we understand so much about the worthiness of money in our lives, yet its so difficult for us to understand the worth of this revolutionary move taken on to curve parallel economy, shadow economy. Because shadow economy helps black money and black money is something that is evaded from tax and tax evasion wracked the National Economy supply chain. This is a big change initiated in the system of spending and receiving money, in the direction of economic reforms for bringing transparency in our Economy.
The announcement of the historic Currency movement by the government has definitely created a state of panic, Chaos, crises and Struggle among people in the entire nation. People are walking across the financial institutions and standing in queues longer than ever. We need to understand here that this unprecedented step may cause difficulty to many of us But this initial inconvenience will bring us a long term economic prosperity in the form of a stronger economy.
Its high time for we the people of India to understand the need of the hour and act with wisdom. Bigboxx academy stands with the government and plead the entire nation to show some patience and support the government for a successful implementation of this policy.