Diploma in Interior Designing in Chandigarh

Unleash Your Creativity with Certification in Interior designing

Diploma in Interior Designing in Chandigarh

Diploma in Interior Designing.Welcome to the vibrant realm of interior design, where creativity meets functionality to shape spaces into captivating environments. If you’re drawn to the art of transforming interiors and envision yourself crafting unique designs.

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    We Provide Creative Workshops

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    Diploma in web designing

    Balanced Curriculum.

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    You Get the Best Certification Diploma in Interior Designing in Chandigarh

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    Two-way Live Training Course

    On-line interactive live lessons with the teacher and classmate help to raise higher-order thinking skills.

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    Distinguish Your Profile with Global Credentials from Bigboxx Academy which help Enhance professional standing.

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    Live project practice is an ideal approach that should be incorporated in the training programs at Bigboxx Academy

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    Free Demo

    Free Demo Session On Web Designing, Its Trends. scope and Online Money Making Tips And Tricks

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    The campus placement drives to connect you to certain companies access to personalized career guidance sessions.

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    Student Engagement & Events

    we are dedicated to making Bigboxx Academy a place that encourages creativity and active participation on the part of our students and engaging lessons.

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    Provide Recruitment

    Provide Recruitment Assistance To Software Companies, Having Proper Tie Ups As Well

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    Hands-On Learning Experience

    Student of Bigboxx Academy learn both Theorie and practical part. so students can be expected to apply what they learned in class.

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    Faculty and Support

    Our highly qualified instructors are experts. they involves the provision of counseling that will enable students to excel academically and professionally.

    why choose certificate in Interior designing at bigboxx academy

    Bigboxx Academy's diploma in interior designing in chandigarh

    Experienced Faculty – Having More Than 10 Years Of Experience In The Field Of interior Designing,
    We at Bigboxx Professionals Academy have experience teachers who train our students in Interior designing cum Architecture course. They make them expert in Planning strategies for a given building programme within a specific architecture.
     Students are polished in such a way that they Critical analytical skills through specific investigation in relation to interior architecture get enhanced. After the successful completion of Diploma in Interior Designing in Chandigarh at our Academy student will surely be able to conceptualize and relate ideas and expression of interior design solution. Very professionally they will be able to present and debate design proposals through appropriate visual, verbal, written and electronic techniques. 
    Bigboxx Professionals Academy provide Practical training but also number of supporting lectures, seminars and tutorials are provided to the student for his or her over all development. -Field of Study: 3d Interior Designing (Interior & Exterior Architecture) -Specialization: Interior Architecture / Interior Design -Level: Diploma & Degree (Bsc in Interior Designing with life skills). You can join Deploma in Interior Desgning after 12th class.

    Diploma holders and Graduates in Interior Designing will get 100% assistance from us for jobs in interior design companies, architecture firms, furniture manufacturer, lighting design consultancy, or work as exhibition designer, set designers and retail designers. 

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    Certification in Interior Designing -About Course

    Introduction of Interior Designing
    Interior designing is not merely about decorating spaces but involves a meticulous blend of aesthetics, functionality, and technical knowledge. It encompasses creating harmonious environments that reflect the personalities and needs of the occupants while optimizing space utilization.
    Curriculum Highlights:
    Fundamentals of Interior Design: Explore the principles of design, color theory, and spatial planning to lay a solid foundation, Architectural Drafting,Material and Furniture Selection. Lighting Design, Project Management
    Faculty Expertise
    Our experienced faculty comprises seasoned professionals and industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world insights into the classroom. Through interactive sessions and practical assignments, they mentor students to unleash their creative potential and develop a discerning eye for design.
    Hands-On Learning Experience
    At Bigboxx Professional Academy, we believe in learning by doing. Our state-of-the-art facilities and design studios provide students with ample opportunities to experiment, innovate, and bring their design concepts to life. From site visits to collaborative projects, we ensure a holistic learning experience that prepares students for the dynamic challenges of the industry.
    Career Prospects
    Residential Design: Crafting inviting and functional living spaces that resonate with homeowners, Commercial Design: Designing offices, and hospitality establishments to create memorable brand experiences, Set Design: Bringing stories to life through set designs for film, television, theater, and events, Sustainable Design: Championing environmental stewardship by incorporating eco-friendly practices and materials into design projects.
    Embark on your journey toward a rewarding career in interior design. Gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to transform your passion for design into a fulfilling profession. Explore the endless possibilities of shaping spaces and making a lasting impact on the world around you. Join us and unleash your creativity today!

    Diploma in Interior Designing in Chandigarh

    What are the Reasons to Choose Diploma in Interior Designing in Chandigarh?

    Chandigarh, renowned for its architectural marvels and urban planning, provides an inspiring backdrop for pursuing interior design education. By enrolling in certification course Interior Design Courses in Chandigarh, you immerse yourself in a city celebrated for its modernist design ethos and rich cultural heritage.

    Why choose Diploma in Interior Designing at BigBoxx Academy?

    We understand the significance of quality education in nurturing aspiring interior designers. Our Diploma in Interior Designing program is meticulously crafted to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience essential for thriving in the industry.

    Diploma in Interior designing in chandigarh

    Diploma in Interior Designing - Course Curriculum

    • Fundamental Drawing
    • Design Principles
    • Introduction To Design Principles
    • Basic Design Skill
    • Practice Of Design
    • Technical Drawing
    • History Of Design
    • Visual Delineation
    • Interior Design Basic Concepts
    • Computer Aided Design 1 (AutoCAD)
    • Computer Aided Design 2 (3D Studio Max)
    • Furniture Science & Construction
    • Furniture Design
    • Building Technology
    • Building Services
    • Professional Practice
    • Live Major Project
    • Design Communication
    • Introduction To Basic Drafting
    • 2D And 3D Drawing Technologies
    • Orthographic Drawing
    • Production Drawing And Model Making
    • Basic Structures And Materials
    • Presentation Drawing
    • Rendering Techniques
    • Digital Imaging Skills
    • Integrated Design Principles
    • Organization And Space Configuration
    • 3 Dimensional Studies
    • Environmental Graphics
    • Specifications & Contracts
    • English For Communication – Free Module For Every One
    • Critical Studies
    • Photography
    • Industry Attachement
    • Industry Work Placement Program
    Frequently asked questions

    FAQ based on Diploma In Interior designing

    Frequently asked question on certification course in Fashion designing.
    Is interior design hard?
    Although being an interior designer is an exciting job because one designs the interior of a space, the job can be challenging because of technical knowledge required. Most of the designers require skills in sketching, digital imaging, CAD, and 3D modeling in their line of duty.
    What principle of interior design comes first?
    Know your space. Interior design is a very large subject that ranges from the use of simple paint combination, whereby you need to understand color combinations in a wheel and many other aspects in relation to the room, right from the use of space and ergonomics to the arrangement of furniture in the house. I, therefore, always stress that it is recommended from time to time to intimately understand your space before applying any change.
    What knowledge and competencies will be developed?
    Practical skills such as space planning, color coordination schemes, furniture design, designing lighting fixtures, and computer literacy in various programs including AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Adobe Illustrator.
    What kinds of things are taught in the lessons?
    Fashion design, pattern making, clothing building, textile science, fashion history, and predicting fashion trends are all things that you can learn.
    Which software will be useful for me and what software I am going to learn?
    Popular design software includes AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, certainly, and Adobe CS.

    Still Have Questions?

    What are the possible jobs available for those who will have finished the course?
    Interior designer, interior decorator, space planner, furniture designer and design consultant are some of the possible career opportunities besides working as a professional employed with an architecture firm or design consultancy.
    Is their any previous are required?
    There is NO prior experience or qualifications required in this field you can start from the beginning.
    What subject areas are taught during a typical curriculum?
    Elements of interior design, interior space management, color, surfaces, textures and got; furniture in architecture; lighting and design concept; and green and sustainable design.
    What type of jobs are available in the field of interior?
    Interior designing profession is also in high demand especially in rapidly developing economies and cities though employment opportunity is there in all places but is significantly higher in cities and here also in all sectors whether it’s residential or commercial, hotels etc.

    confused about career?