Graphic Designing Course In Chandigarh

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Graphic Designing Course In Chandigarh

‘ Graphic designing course in chandigarh ‘ is a term that is used to refer to visual communication. Visual and textual contents are integrated in the making of effective graphic designs. Imaging, typefaces, and elements as a whole are applied in this tool to relay the messages vividly.

The graphic designers employ a range of tools, for example, computer software, to create visual concepts that spark, inform, and engage readers. They broadly feature in various projects, such as branding, advertising, web designs, packaging, magazine publications, and so on.To ace such a skill and become a competent graphic designer, you would only want the best graphic designing course in Chandigarh, and BigBoxx Academy is committed to helping you realize your aspirations.

Duration: 3 & 6 Months / 1 Year Diploma          Mode: Online/Offline       Eligibility:  Above 10th Class

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    Graphic Designing Course In Chandigarh
    Graphic Designing Course In Chandigarh
    Graphic Designing Course In Chandigarh
    Graphic Designing Course In Chandigarh
    Graphic Designing Course In Chandigarh
    Graphic Designing Course In Chandigarh
    Graphic Designing Course In Chandigarh

    Graphic Designing Course in chandigarh: Who is it for?

    Graphic design Training in chandigarh Visuals surround us in a myriad of forms—both on screens and in print—and serve the primary purpose of conveying an idea to the viewers. Amidst the sheer volume of visuals that one is bound to come across every day in today’s times, companies and brands swear by eye-catching graphics to make a lasting impression; this is where graphic designers are sought. In today’s digital era, more and more companies are building their in-house creative teams to cater to the growing need for visual communication.

    Other than the in-house teams, many new creative agencies have also come up to provide need based graphical and visual solutions, marking a steady rise in the demand for graphic designers. These companies can work with multiple clients at a time, supplying designs consistent with their needs.

    Apart from the in-house teams and these creative agencies, many small scale businesses and start-ups are using social media platforms to promote and run their businesses, again employing graphic designers—mostly freelancers—to help them achieve this. These freelance designers have the freedom to choose the projects they’d like to work on. Clearly, then, a career in graphic design is a 21st-century calling. If you are ambitious enough to keep pace with this rapidly evolving world, graphic designing, my friend, is for you and Bigboxx professional Academy is best graphic designing academy in Chandigarh and we also provide online classes.

    5 Steps to Becoming a Best Graphic Designer
    • Learn the fundamentals of graphic design.
    • Register for a graphic design course.
    • Develop your graphic design talents by working on your own projects.
    • Create a portfolio to display your graphic design work.
    • Bigboxx Academy is an excellent platform for you to pursue a profession as a designer by offering graphic design courses.
    Career Opportunities
    • Art Director.
    • Marketing Manager.
    • Graphic Designer.
    • Creative Director.
    • Industrial Designer.
    • Logo Designer.
    • Illustration Artist.
    • Layout Artist.

    Graphic designing Classes in Chandigarh - Course Content

    • Designing software
    • Designing tools
    • Page Setup
    • Different Social Media Cover Document Setup
    • Discuss about Layer
    • Text Wrap
    • File Save
    • Business Card Document Setup
    • Font Selection
    • Color Combination
    • Icon Use
    • Document Setup

    • Clipping Mask

    • Drop Shadow

    • Stock

    • Document Setup

    • Icon Selection

    • Texture and Pattern Use

    • Extension: Add

    • Gradient Tool

    • Brush Tool

    • Mirror Effects

    • Opacity Use

    • Banner Design

    • Background removal

    • Magic Wand Tool

    • Quick Selection Tool

    • Refine Edge

    • Use of Eraser Tool

    • Clipping Path
    • Anchor Point: add

    • Delete Anchor Point

    • Modify the anchor point.

    • Image Manipulatio

    • Hue, Saturation

    • Brightness and Contrast

    • Filter Gallery

    • Blur

    • Layer Mask

    • Introduction to Flyer Design

    • Introduction with All Kinds of Brochure

    • Document Setup

    • Banner Design

    • Bill Board Design

    • All Kinds of Brochure Design

    • All kinds of Brochure Document setup

    • Image Retouch

    • Spot Remove

    • Color Correction

    • Introduction to PSD Template

    •  Document Setup

    • Grid Install and Use

    • Layer Setup

    •  Mockup Use

    • Mockup Download

    • Book Cover Document Setup

    • T-Shirt Design

    • Product Packing

    • Document Setup

    • Shape Arrange

    •  Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

    • Document Setup

    • Basic Tool

    • Shape

    • Color Use

    • File Save

    • Document setup

    • Icon Use

    • Pattern Use

    • Font Outline

    • ID Card Design

    • Image Use

    • Make a clipping mask.

    • Drop Shadow

    • Letterhead Document Setup

    • Calendar Design

    • Document Setup

    • Logo Design Idea

    • Document Setup

    • Vector Tracing

    • Vector from image

    • Pen tool Use

    • Behance
    • Flicker
    • Dribble
    Ask questions about graphic designing training

    Frequently Asked Question On Graphic designing course In Chandigarh

    Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about BigBoxx Academy's Graphic Designing classes
    What is graphic design?
    Graphic design can be described like this: it's a mixture of artistic skill and implementation of written text, pictures, and other graphics to convey concepts or ideas in an attractive and catchy way. It's useful in different areas which cover advertising, branding, web design and publishing.
    Why should I learn graphic design?
    Acquiring the knowledge of graphic designing can provide you ample of career paths in sectors including advertising, marketing, publishing, and even web design, and so on. It is an opportunity to create and to meet the challenges of visual examples.
    What topics are covered in the course?
    Graphic courses usually cover the lessons on typography, color theory, layout design, image editing, branding and the skill to work with different design software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.)
    Do I need to be good at drawing to become a graphic designer?
    In fact, although it is helpful, being able to draw is not a must-have-skill for a professional designer. While the field of graphic design is increasingly narrowed down to areas that cover more digital skills, creativity, and understanding design principles.
    What software will I learn in a graphic design course?
    Software like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign generally represent the set of software that students enrolled in graphic design courses learn to use. It is these platforms that are known as the industry-standard tools for editing, vector graphics creation, and layout design, respectively.
    Career and Portfolio
    What are the career prospects for graphic designers?
    Graphic designers can be employed in numerous places like design agencies, studios, publishing houses, marketing firms, corporates environments, and freelance/self-employed status. The positions may call themselves graphic designer, web designer, art director, or creative director.
    What is the mean annual pay rates for this profession?
    A graphic designer' officer's pay may differ city-by-city, country-to-country and through constant change of time dependent mostly on supply and demand. For instance, the UK salaries of graphic designers stand at an average of £31,874
    Where does a graphic designer's salary end?
    The rates for freelance graphic design ranged depending on different factors. Several of such factors are your experience level, the particular client (affordability), the extent of project’s complexity, and so on
    Where does a graphic designer's salary end?
    The rates for freelance graphic design ranged depending on different factors. Several of such factors are your experience level, the particular client (affordability), the extent of project’s complexity, and so on

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