BigBoxx Academy Celebrated Children’s Day with children’s of “School of Blinds”

Children’s Day in India is celebrated with great enthusiasm. As it is the birthday of our Honorable Former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Teachers and students India celebrate this with great passion in every educational institution of the India. Celebration carried forward with different activities and events in different ways like playing Games and Dance programs.
Bigboxx Academy has always tried to take possible moves that make it into a social cause. So this time as well on CHILDREN’S DAY we decided to mark the occasion by celebrating it with some specially disabled children. So all the staff members of bigboxx academy with the students visited “School for Blinds” in sector 26, Chandigarh and Mother Teresa orphanage sector 23-A, Chandigarh with some sweets, fruits and small gifts. Celebrating the day with those beautiful children was done only to spread the message of joy, courage and strength.Time spend among them was an opportunity for us as well to learn how we can be positive to life even in the most extreme conditions. Bigboxx academy really feels that It’s a heart rendering reality of our society that children who are going to lead our country tomorrow are deprived of education and education is the key to a country’s growth. After all those economic reforms being taken forward this is even an important social reform that need to be taken care of by none other than we the privileged people of our society.
On the occasion of this Children’s Day the only important message Bigboxx academy wants to spread across the society is the essence of Love and Sharing in life. It takes nothing to spread love and share if you have some extra of anything in life. So people please wake up and make yourself a part of the society.