Diploma In 3D Animation and VFX Courses In Chandigarh

Diploma In 3D Animation and VFX Courses In Chandigarh

Bigboxx Professionals Academy is among the top best animation institutes in Chandigarh which inspire students in creating the vision of their imagination and putting life into those imaginary characters. Animation doesn’t only mean moving object it rather means moving an audience. So Bigboxx Professionals Academy focus around teaching students on how to combine those essential technical skills with emerging ideas to affect an audience emotionally and visually. Our 3D Animation & VFX Course has been designed to serve the best knowledge in 3D Animation Development. We center ourselves on training students about all aspects of animation, film making with the purpose of giving them some real life exposures. Starting from pre-production to post-production including story boarding, sketching and modeling to character animation, special effects, Sound Forge and final compositing our Animation course takes students through the entire production pipeline. With Bigboxx Professionals Academy immerse yourself into the exciting world of 3D Animation & VFX to improve your skills and career opportunities in animation industry. In this digital art world of unlimited imagination with their combination of 3D Animation and VFX Courses, you will be led by the hand to become a technically perfect artist. Bigboxx Professional Academy is situated in the very center of Chandigarh, India. We concentrate our focus on molding apprentice artists with the necessary skills to be successful in the complicated world of animation and VFX.

What is 3D Animation?

The process of 3D animation is that of creating moving pictures in a three-dimensional (3D) virtual space. In contrast with manual animation where one draws for a few seconds in each frame, in 3D computer-generated imagery (CGI), everything is generated by the computer and images can resemble reality much better.

Exploring VFX (Visual Effects)

VFX (Visual Effects) is *(one of the key components in modern-day cinema which involves the manipulation of cinematic scenes to achieve unrealistic scenes. Visual Effects by its name shortened as VFX, stands as a major branch of the techniques in cinematic productions which gives us more authenticity by either enhancing or manipulating the live-action footage. SFX Scriptwriters are responsible for bringing imaginary creatures to life. The latter can also simulate natural phenomena that will make the real and unreal appear to be just natural. This takes the levels of storytelling to unbelievable heights.
1. Industry-Driven Curriculum:
Our curriculum is meticulously planned around what is currently gracing the headlines of industrial trends and needs, to expertly prepare students to hit the job market equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge.
2. Experienced Faculty:
Benefit from the industry’s grizzly veterans who bring many years of experience and wisdom into the classroom to conduct necessary mentoring and guidance to map out your career pathway.
3. State-of-the-Art Facilities:
Acquaint yourself with a top-notch setting fully supplied with updated technology and software, which reflect contemporary professional studios to get a real industry insight.
4. Hands-On Learning:
Do not hesitate to start with practical, hands-on projects from day one, using your theoretical knowledge and making it possible to implement the acquired skills in real work with the creation of an impressive portfolio.
5. Placement Assistance:
Gain access through our robust relationship with various industries and also through the student placement cell that actively supports students in securing internships and jobs upon passing out.

Course Structure

Through our Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX courses, we have arranged the course so that you acquire both the artistic and technical skills required to animate and perform visual effects. undefined
1. Fundamentals of Animation:
Study the key animation techniques such as timing, spacing, squash, and stretch. This will enable you to pursue your creative journey as a starter.
2. Introduction to 3D Modeling:
Learn the craft of creating 3D models from scratch by using software that is used by the industry. This should help you get a good grasp on sculpting, texturing, and rendering.
3. Character Animation:
Dive into the complexities of character animation as you explore body mechanics, facial expressions, and lip-syncing techniques to make the characters come alive themselves.
4. Visual Effects Techniques:
By stepping into the visual effects world, from green screen compositing to particle simulations let's have a closer look at how to add personality and realism to your projects.
5. Portfolio Development:
Prove your skillset in the final step of the learning journey, with a professional portfolio that comprises the best of your work Ideal for future employers or customers.


Get ready for an electrifying ride into the enthralling world of 3D animation and visual effects at the Bigboxx Professional Academy Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX course in Chandigarh. Our curriculum based on industry requirements, competent instructors, and hands-on learning will be what prepare you to manifest your creativity and find your niche in this growing creative industry. Come and learn the ropes and release your true potential!  
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