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Diploma In web designing in chandigarh

Diploma in Web Designing in Chandigarh. Diploma in Web Designing and development in Chandigarh at BigBoxx Professionals Academy is designed as per industry requirement. We do provide project based training or diploma in Web Design in Chandigarh. Students are skilled in Static and dynamic websites during the program.

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    Key Highlights of Diploma in Web Designing in Chandigarh

    Diploma in web designing

    We Provide Creative Workshops

    diploma in Web designing

    Individual Training On Demand

    Diploma in web designing

    Balanced Curriculum.

    Diploma in fashion designing

    Two-way Live Training Course

    AWS training in chnadigarh

    100% Practical Classes


    Lifetime Support & Access

    At Bigboxx Professional Academy

    You Get the Best Certification Diploma in Web Designing in Chandigarh

    Diploma in fashion designing
    Two-way Live Training Course

    On-line interactive live lessons with the teacher and classmate help to raise higher-order thinking skills.

    diploma in fashion designing

    Distinguish Your Profile with Global Credentials from Bigboxx Academy which help Enhance professional standing.

    diploma in fashion designing

    Live project practice is an ideal approach that should be incorporated in the training programs at Bigboxx Academy

    diploma in web designing
    Free Demo

    Free Demo Session On Web Designing, Its Trends. scope and Online Money Making Tips And Tricks

    diploma in fashion designing

    Web designing is the task that involves the direction and structural aspects of website. It involves graphics design, UX design, and Web development.

    Diploma in web designing

    There is the Habitat, where curious and hungry creatures gather to see what lies beyond the gallery space.

    diploma in fashion designing

    The campus placement drives to connect you to certain companies access to personalized career guidance sessions.

    diploma in fashion designing
    Guaranteed Internship

    Get a Guaranteed Internship with BigBoxx Academy in a top web design company in IT sector.

    diploma in Web designing
    Student Engagement & Events

    we are dedicated to making Bigboxx Academy a place that encourages creativity and active participation on the part of our students and engaging lessons.

    Diploma in web designing
    Provide Recruitment

    Provide Recruitment Assistance To Software Companies, Having Proper Tie Ups As Well

    diploma in fashion designing
    Hands-On Learning Experience

    Student of Bigboxx Academy learn both Theorie and practical part. so students can be expected to apply what they learned in class.

    Diploma in fashion designing
    Faculty and Support

    Our highly qualified instructors are experts. they involves the provision of counseling that will enable students to excel academically and professionally.

    why choose certificate in web designing at bigboxx academy

    Bigboxx Academy's diploma in web designing in chandigarh

    Experienced Faculty – Having More Than 10 Years Of Experience In The Field Of Web Designing, Also Worked As Developer In Our Own Development Wing And With Global Brands.

    Diploma in Web Designing Courses in Chandigarh. The Syllabus for diploma in Web Designing and development in Chandigarh at BigBoxx Professionals Academy is designed as per industry requirement. It provides students with the profitable skills essential to become best web designer. We do provide project based training or diploma in Web Design in Chandigarh.
    Students are skilled in Static and dynamic websites during the program. Students are trained to learn and implement creativity in their work.
    We make them understand conceptual designing and the process of Layout design using software’s like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. While learning Development for static website, students learn HTML5, CSS3, Dreamweaver, Java Script, JQuery and for Dynamic Sites we trained students on core and advance PHP, CMS, Frame works are including.
    After the completion of the Diploma in Web Design student will be able to create eye catching website Layouts on web 2.0 & 3.0 standards, will easily prepare structured document and Site Navigation Planning of a website. Student will become expert in designing of User Interface for web applications and Mobile applications. Student will be able to develop responsive sites and other table less websites as well.

    Any Question Regarding Diploma in Web Designing?

    Certification in Web Designing -About Course

    Introduction to Web Designing
    Put down first with discussing web technologies, web design fundamentals, standards and standards, and principles should be a good starting point.
    HTML & CSS Essentials
    Take your first steps on the web and focus on the fundamentals by learning how to construct content blocks and create a web page’s look with HTML and CSS.
    Responsive Web Design
    Develop the skill of making cross-device compatible web development that adjusts perfectly to the available devices and screens.
    JavaScript Fundamentals
    Delve into the dynamic nature of web development by making your designs come alive with interactive and more functional with the use of JavaScript.
    Graphic Design for the Web
    Uncork your imagination with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, making magnificent designs to decorate your websites.
    UI/UX Principles
    Let us explore the user experience design, summarizing the concepts of usability and user-centered design as the key factors affecting the process
    Content Management Systems (CMS)
    Learn to work with common CMS packages like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. As a result, creating a dynamic and interactive website of any type will be easy for you.
    Portfolio Development
    Present your capabilities and your web design experience through a personal portfolio which helps in Achieving your dream starts with taking the right first step

    What are the Reasons to Choose Diploma in Web Designing in Chandigarh?

    Though Chandigarh also boasts of its expanding IT industry, it’s the place where aspiring web designers can be brilliant. The constant growth of demand in creative digital domains is the perfect entry point to see the world from a different perspective – one of web designers. Module-modular Structures of Chandigarh’s Web Designing Courses are designed to help you get profound knowledge and understanding of design principles, programming languages, and industry-related tools. After a year of research and planning, my presentation will focus on what we can offer compared to other professional academies in the area. At the School of Arts and Academics Bigboxx, we are devoted to the promotion of creativity and talent development. We tend to take a comprehensive approach towards education that helps our students not only improve in terms of their technical knowledge but also make themselves highly adaptable to always-changing life skills. The practical approach that we take in our Diploma of Web Designing comes with real-world experience so that you can apply theoretical knowledge to developing actual projects that will ultimately turn into a professional and solid portfolio. You can join deploma in web designing after 12th class.
    Do you somehow like and are interested in the digital world of web designing?

    Your essay should discuss the motivation behind your choice of college major. Explain why you selected this particular subject and what sparked your interest in it. Highlight your personal experiences, academic interests, or any external factors that may have influenced your decision. I wonder if your focus is set on the internal world of content ensuring its creativity and originality. Let me give a hint: if you were a native speaker, you would be in the right place now. BigBoxx Professional Academy Diploma in Chandigarh is a widening course that will not only open your creative mind but will also give you the credits and skills you need in web designing that can challenge you.

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    Diploma in web designing

    Diploma in Web Designing - Course Curriculum

    • Print Media Designing
    • Logo Designing
    • Preparation And Planning Of A Website
    • Structured Document And Site Navigation Planning
    • Creating Web Illustrations As Vector Based
    • Colours And Typography
    • Creating Web Templates And Layouts
    • User Interface For Web Application
    • UI For Mobile
    • Web Elements Designing
    • Slicing The Templates
    • Optimizing Graphics And Images
    • Animated Banners & Web Components
    • Creating Animated Contents For Website
    • Flash With Audio And Video
    • E-Greetings Creation
    • E-Presentations For Web
    • E-Learning Content Development
    • HTML & HTML Editor Tools
    • Advanced Style Sheets (CSS) Techniques
    • Creating DIV Based Table Less Websites
    • Web 2.0 & 3.0
    • J Query
    • Testing & Maintaining
    • FTP Controls
    • HTML5
    • HTML 5 Multimedia, Graphics
    • Creating HTML Pages & Working With HTML Tags
    • HTML5 Applications Using Java Script & Jquery
    • HTML5 Forms
    • CSS3
    • Working With CSS & CSS3 Rules
    • Special Effects With CSS3 Like Text Effects, Transformations, Transition, Animation & Interfaces
    • Browser Compatibilities
    • Java Script
    • Intro To Java Script
    • Basic Syntax, Data Types, Control, Structures & Functions
    • CSS & HTML Implementation With JavaScript
    • JQuery
    • Intro To Jquery
    • Use Of Jquery For Making HTML5 Apps
    • Defining CSS And HTML Property With JQuery
    • Responsive Design Fundamentals
    • One Web Vs Mobile Web
    • Web Pages With Mobile Or Smart Device
    • Screen Resolution CSS Pixel Vs. Device Pixel
    • Designing For Multiple Screen Densities
    • Flexible Content, Images, Background And Fonts
    • Displaying & Hiding Content , Simplifying Navigation
    • Text Readability, Building Responsive Forms
    • Using Fluid Grids
    • Testing
    • Validation And Markup
    • Browser Testing
    • Mobile Testing
    • Working With Bootstrap Framework
    • Set Up A Framework
    • Setting Up The Resources
    • Working With Framework
    • Set Up The Template
    • Prerequisites For PHP (PHP/MySql/Apache)
    • Server Side Vs. Client Side
    • Setting Up Development Environment
    • Where To Write A Code & How To Execute
    • Basic Syntax
    • Data Types, Variables, Constant, Operators, Arrays, Controls, Structures, Escape Sequences, Conditions & Loops
    • General Functions & String Functions
    • Basic OOPS Concept
    • Handling Dates & Times
    • Working With Forms With GET & POST Method
    • Working With Database MySql
    • Intro To MySql And PHPMyAdmin
    • Creating Database, Tables And Columns
    • Basic SQL Commands
    • Making PHP & MySql Work For Each Other
    • Database Connection Using PHP
    • Insert, Update, Delete & Select Queries Using PHP Syntax
    • Security Consideration Using Encryption
    • Session & Cookies
    • Working With File System
    • Working With XML & JSon
    • Creating & Consuming Web Services
    • PHP With Ajax
    • Other Third Party Integrations
    • Integration Of Social Media With PHP
    • Integration Of Payment Gateway With PHP
    • PHP Frameworks
    • Object Oriented Design Pattern (MVC & MVP)
    • Frameworks & Libraries
    • Type Of Frameworks Like YII, Smarty, CodeIgnitor, Zend & Others Popular Frameworks
    • Working With Open Source Readymade Systems
    • Installing, Customization & Configuring Of WordPress, Joomla And Magento
    • Keyword Research And Analysis
    • Search Engine Optimization Of The Website
    • Dynamic Optimization Of The Website
    • Basics Of SEO Friendly Website Design
    • Website Architecture Analysis
    • Search Engine Submissions
    • Directory Submissions
    • Advanced Link Building And Concept Of Link Popularity
    • Posting On Forums, Blogs, Guestbooks And Free Classifieds
    • Competitor Analysis & LSI
    • Google Sandbox Effect
    • The Concept Of Silos
    • Geographical Targating
    • Search Engine Spam
    • Optimizing For Google, Yahoo And MSN
    • Fantastic Text Animations
    • Effects And Preset Control
    • Layer Effects And Layer Properties
    • Audio And Video Contro
    • Create Professional Motion Graphics And Animations
    • Hosting And Domains
    • Publishing (FTP & Testing)
    • Live Website ( Every Students)
    • Portfolio Management
    • CV Development
    • Entrepreneur In Web Business
    • How To Start A Web Business
    • How To Market Your Web Business
    • Online Business Development
    • ECommerce, Ebay
    • Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Marketing Techniques
    • Job Perspectives
    • Online Portfolio
    • Portfolio Samples
    • Interview Tips With Resume Formats
    Frequently asked questions

    FAQ based on Diploma In web designing

    Frequently asked question on certification course in web designing.
    What is Diploma in web designing
    Diploma in Web Designing is a professional course in which student learn from basics to advance level about the website designing or creation. It includes elements like graphic design, UI design, UX design, programming, and web development platforms.
    What skills will I gain from a Diploma in Web Designing?
    A Diploma in Web Designing will help you to possess adequate knowledge on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are the tools used in designing and styling of web pages, responsiveness as well as understanding of UX/UI to enable better and improved experience among users. You will also learn about graphic design tools and services, the basic principles of SEO, as well as some fundamentals about back-end web development that will help prepare you for jobs in web and front-end development.
    What are the available career and job prospects for someone who can complete this diploma?
    Web Designer
    Front-end Developer
    UI/UX Designer
    Graphic Designer
    Freelance Web Developer
    Digital Content Creator
    In your option, which language is mandated in web design?
    A web designers should know these three main languages: HTML code, CSS code and JavaScript code.

    Still Have Questions?

    Are internships or practical projects included in the diploma in web designing
    Yes, internships are normally integrated in Diploma in Web Designing programs or offered as practical projects. I will outline three benefits of these opportunities: One is the development of skills in applying the learned theory practically, the second is the formation of a portfolio that is essential to finding a job, and the third is the overall gain in industry experience while also increasing your chances of employment after graduation.
    What is the income of a web designer?
    Average salary based on job position According to job position, the average salary can be estimated in the following way it should be noted that the below figures of the average salary based on the job position were obtained from certified surveyors the average salary based on job position is as follows:

    Web Designer - The_salary _ranges between INR 3, 00,000 to INR 7, 00,000 per annum.
    Senior Web Designer 5 Lack Per Annum- 10 Lack Per Annum
    Human Resource UI/UX Designer 4,00,000 – 8,00,000
    Front-End Developer-4 Lacs Per Annum to 10 Lacs Per Annum
    Do you have a non-discrimination policy?
    Egestas egestas fringilla phasellus faucibus scelerisque eleifend. Netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas sed tempus. Sollicitudin nibh sit amet commodo nulla facilisi. Enim sit amet venenatis urna. Donec massa sapien faucibus et molestie ac feugiat.
    Is it possible to continue my studies and get another certificate after I graduate with a Diploma in Web Designing?
    Yes, you can follow further education such as:
    A degree or professional diploma in a specialized field for instance Usability Usability or Digital Marketing.
    Web Designistry, Computer Science, or other related fields Bachelor’s Degree

    confused about career?