Degree In Animation & VFX In Chandigarh

Degree In Animation & VFX In Chandigarh

This program developments the personality and skills to explore career paths in 3d Animation and Visual Effects. During the training students will be trained to use software’s like Maya, After Effects and Flash.  This postgraduate Degree in animation and VFX offers you the best qualifications and experience which is required to do well in animation industry. During the training students will develop their advanced skills in Digital Photography, Broad Cast Media, Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D Animation, VFX, Sound & Video Editing and much more.  

Introduction to the Animation and VFX in Chandigarh

In the thriving city of Chandigarh, the realm of Animation & VFX (Visual Effects) is consistently getting the recognition that it deserves. Through film, we harness both technology and our creative minds to recreate the stories on the big screen. Because of its complexity and the immense technologies behind its production, there are many chances for fast and creative people to get into the industry.

Why pick up Animation and VFX at Chandigarh?

It is not only an amalgamation of cultural diversity but also comes with a mixture of education and industrial growth. The Animation & VFX industry in Chandigarh is increasingly experiencing enormous growth fueled by an increase in the number of skilled specialists in areas such as movies, television, gaming, and commercials.

Must haves in Animation and VFX degree Chandigarh

1. Comprehensive Curriculum:
Establishments such as Bigboxx Professional Academy in Chandigarh provide a comprehensive course that encompasses the various subjects of animation and visual effects. From the early days of traditional animation, through to the latest software applications today, students are given the skills that will allow them to excel in this industry.
2. Industry-Relevant Training:
The course is a result of collaboration with industry professionals to make sure that students are trained in line with current industry requirements and trends. Through this practical approach, they get to the sense of actual life issues as well as talents.
3. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:
The city of Chandigarh boasts of advanced physically well-designed facilities that are in line with the requirements of learning Animation & VFX. Places like Bigboxx Professional Academy are where tools like the latest technology, software, and equipment are available which in turn, students can unleash their creativity without limitations.
4. Experienced Faculty:
Bigboxx Professional Academy's faculty includes seasoned professionals who have been actively involved in the Animation & VFX arena for several years. Instead of only transmitting theoretical knowledge to students, they also pass on their invaluable lessons and practical wisdom gathered throughout their career journey.
5. Internship Opportunities:
Students can get into the skin of different latest animation & VFX studios in Chandigarh as well as beyond the city using internships. They open the way to industrial experience and networking, which enables further career development.
4. Experienced Faculty:
The faculty members at Bigboxx Professional Academy are seasoned professionals with years of experience in the Animation & VFX industry. They not only impart theoretical knowledge but also share valuable insights and practical wisdom gained from their professional journeys.
5. Internship Opportunities:
Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships with leading Animation & VFX studios in Chandigarh and beyond. These internships provide valuable industry exposure and networking opportunities, paving the way for successful careers.

Job Prospective in Animations & VFX

On completing the degree course graduates may explore numerous possibilities that are open to them in terms of the Animation & VFX job market. undefined
1. Animator:
Cartoonists are creators of moving images and visual effects that appear in a variety of forms, such as movies, TV shows, video games, and adverts.
2. Visual Effects Artist:
The job of visual effects artists is to use computer software to make visual images that look realistic or dreamlike for film, video, and other media, such as television shows.
3. Storyboard Artist:
Storyboard artists render shots from scripts by making sequential line drawings to help the production crew follow the plot in movies, television shows, and murrion productions.
4. Character Designer:
Animation, video game, and comic character designers create characters that are used as unique entities for various media.
5. Compositing Artist:
Compositing artists utilize their proficiency in layering of the images to integrate real and imaginary worlds which can be seen in commercials, films, and other visual media.


Animation and VFX in Chandigarh provide a kaleidoscope of prospects to those who are passionate about art and creating. Thanks to the initiatives of Bigboxx Professional Academy, students can make full use of this boundless opportunity and start a lucrative and exciting career in a fast-growing sector of the economy. Not only through refining abilities but also by thinking outside the box and keeping up with the industry dynamics, graduates of animation and VFX can make a living out of this challenging yet fascinating world.
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