CLO3D Fashion Design Course in Chandigarh

Master the art of 3D fashion design with BigBoxx Academy’s comprehensive Learn CLO3D Fashion Masterclass!

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Duration : 3 Months

Mode : Online / Offline

Eligibility: 10th or above

About The Course

3D Garment vizualization with CLO3D

This intensive course equips you with the skills and knowledge to create professional-grade 3D garments using industry-standard software, CLO3D. Through a project-based curriculum, you'll gain expertise in:
  • Develop and design complete 3D garment collections using CLO3D.
  • Confidently create realistic digital garments with accurate drape and fit.
  • Apply a variety of textures and materials to enhance your designs.
  • Utilize simulation techniques to achieve desired garment behavior.
  • Present your designs professionally through high-quality renders.
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How To Start

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    How To Start

    What you'll learn

    • Work in a 2D and 3D design visualization environment
    • Transform parametric pattern blocks into new garment styles
    • Express elaborated design details of garments such as smocking, scalloped edges, fullness and pipin
    • Learn about different ways of creating engaging animation and video
    • Record various avatar animations using Adobe Mixamo’s 3D/AR tools
    • Apply specialized textures and HDRI environments using Blender kit addon.
    • Learn and attach accessories on Avatar’s body
    • Understand and create different CLO3D maps using Normalmap Online and Pixplant

      Student Showcase

      Unlocking Creativity in CLO3D

      Welcome to BigBoxx Academy's Student Showcase, where we celebrate the creativity and talent of our aspiring 3D fashion designers! Here, you'll discover a collection of impressive projects created using industry-standard software,

      Course Content

      Unleash your creativity in the world of 3D fashion design! BigBoxx Academy’s intensive CLO3D Masterclass equips aspiring fashion designers and anyone with a passion for 3D fashion with the skills and knowledge to create professional-grade garments using industry-standard software, CLO3D. Through a project-based curriculum, you’ll gain hands-on experience in a range of essential areas:

      • Welcome and Course Overview: Get acquainted with the instructor, course structure, and learning objectives.
      • Demystifying 3D Fashion Design: Explore the world of 3D design and its advantages in the fashion industry.
      • The Power of CLO3D: Dive into the capabilities of CLO3D software and its role in the design process.
      • User Interface Navigation: Confidently navigate the CLO3D interface and understand its core functionalities.
      • Project Management Tools: Learn how to effectively manage projects within the CLO3D environment.
      • Garment Creation Methods: Explore various methods for creating garments in CLO3D (primitives, patterns, etc.).
      • Seams, Darts, and Details: Master the creation of seams, darts, and other essential garment details.
      • Material Magic: Apply realistic textures and materials to your 3D garments for a lifelike look.
      • The Art of Manipulation: Learn techniques for editing garment shapes, proportions, and adding elements like pleats and tucks.
      • Component Construction: Explore the creation of collars, sleeves, pockets, and other garment components.
      • Simulation Fundamentals: Understand the concept of garment simulation and its importance in 3D design.
      • Simulating Reality: Simulate gravity and drape to achieve realistic movement and behavior of your garments.
      • Avatar Selection and Posing: Choose appropriate avatars and master posing techniques to showcase your designs effectively.
      • Advanced Simulation Techniques (Optional – Level 2 & 3): Explore advanced features like collision detection, garment interaction, and complex fabric behaviors (for higher levels).
      • Rendering Techniques: Discover how to utilize CLO3D’s rendering engine to create high-quality visuals.
      • Lighting and Environment Setup: Learn how to set up lighting and environments for professional presentations.
      • Crafting Your Portfolio: Explore strategies for creating a compelling portfolio showcasing your CLO3D skills.
      Ask questions

      CLO3D Masterclass FAQs

      Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about BigBoxx Academy's CLO3D Masterclass:
      Who is this course for?
      This course is designed for aspiring fashion designers, product developers, and anyone interested in exploring the world of 3D fashion design. No prior experience with CLO3D is required.
      What are the benefits of taking this course?
      You'll gain the skills and knowledge to create professional-grade 3D garments using CLO3D software. You'll build a strong portfolio showcasing your CLO3D proficiency. You'll learn industry-standard practices and trends in 3D fashion design. You'll receive personalized guidance and support from experienced instructors.
      What topics are covered in the course?
      The course covers a comprehensive range of topics, including: Introduction to CLO3D and 3D fashion design Garment creation methods Materials and textures Simulation techniques Rendering and presentation (Optional) Advanced simulation and scripting (for higher levels)
      How long is the course?
      The duration of the course may vary depending on the specific program offered by BigBoxx Academy. Please check their website for details.
      Career and Portfolio
      Does this course help me prepare for a career in 3D fashion design?
      Yes, the course equips you with the skills and knowledge valued in the 3D fashion design industry. BigBoxx Academy might also offer career guidance resources.
      Will this course help me build a portfolio?
      Absolutely! Throughout the course, you'll be working on projects that can be compiled into a strong portfolio showcasing your CLO3D abilities.

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