Bachelor Degree In Fashion Designing

Bachelor Degree In Fashion Designing

Bachelor Degree in Fashion Designing in Chandigarh is only provided by Bigboxx Professionals Academy so, If you have passion for fashion then Bigboxx Professionals Academy is a right place for you we work on your creative skills and you will get to express yourself through your designs and creative work. As we all know that Fashion world is all around us thus lot of scope is available for competent candidate and we make you competent. We offer Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design in Chandigarh, student get a proper classroom programme, Regular class tests are conducted to check the performance. For best training in fashion technology courses choose Bigboxx Academy which offers Fashion Designing Programs with Computer aided Designing ,During the course our focus is to provide creative designing and technical professional exposure to the Fashion industry.


In the fashion Designing industry, fields of creativity, novelty, and thrill are areas of rich opportunities. In Chandigarh, at Bigboxx Professional Academy our Bachelor’s Degree program will create an opportunity for you to roll out your potential, enthusiasm, and hobby about fashion into a rewarding and joyful professional career.

Understanding Fashion Designing:

Fashion designing is the combination of the creative act of devising clothes and accessories that spell the name of the individual about the accepted styles of the time and philosophies of the self of that time. A fashion designer should be someone who can be creative, free-handed, and who is expert with all kinds of tools and make clothes that will not only be fashionable but also serve the function for which they have been made. The program will be properly organized by ensuring that its courses entail textiles, fashion history, design theory, and garment production. This will provide you with a perfect ground to build your career.

Curriculum Overview of Fashion Designing Degree:

One way we achieve this is by ensuring that your education is balanced and equips you with the needed knowledge on everything about fashion design. Every single class, ranging from drawing and pattern making to sewing, including analyzing the trends in fashion, is meant to help you come up with new ideas and to raise your basic skills level.

Hands-On Learning Experience:

The most effective way of learning, in our opinion, is by overcoming difficulties and practicing skills. That is to say, it is that we allow our Bachelor candidates to get loads of hands-on experience. You will be prepared for the challenges of the workplace via hands-on experience and relevant industry exposure evidenced through internships, jobs, and work with people in the same Job creation has also been highlighted as an essential aspect of economic development.

Faculty Expertise:

The professors who teach us are market professionals and experts in the fashion industry who are dedicated to supporting us in developing as the fashion designers of the future. They will provide you with some personalized attention that will accompany you as you take each as well as feedback that will help you meet your full potential.

Career Opportunities:

Fashion Designing a Bachelor's Degree makes one eligible for several work opportunities in various areas of the fashion domain. Your level of aspiration is determined by whether you want to be a fashion designer, stylist, merchandiser, or entrepreneur. With our program, you can be prepared for and enjoy success in any of these jobs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

At Bigboxx Professional Academy we have contemporary teaching materials and equipment that improve your quality of training and your chances of landing your dream job. We will have the latest technology and perfectly appointed design workshops for you to work with on the exciting projects that you imagine.

Community and Networking:

As a part of the Bigboxx Professional Academy community, you can join a group of students and workers in that niche, who previously graduated as well as those peers enrolling in the classes. The opportunity to encounter new faces, proactively engage in common activities, and build bridges that may outlast a lifetime characterizes workshops, seminars, and events.
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