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UI UX Designing Course In Chandigarh

Duration: 6 Months, Mode: Online/Offline,   Eligibility:  Above 10th Class

UI UX Design Course in Chandigarh: In today’s digital landscape, creating user-friendly and visually captivating interfaces is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. BigBoxx Academy’s comprehensive UI UX Design Course equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel in this dynamic field.

ui/ux designing course in chandigarh

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    Why Choose UI/UX desingning training

    BigBoxx Academy's UI/UX Design Course In Chandigarh

    The best UI/UX design course in Chandigarh can help you get a head start on a great job. Are you ready to make it happen? Book your free demo class today and plan for success! Enhance Your Prospects: A Specialized UI UX Design Course in Chandigarh with a Focus on Industry
    Industry-Standard Curriculum

    Our curriculum is designed and updated regularly by industry professionals, ensuring you learn the latest UI/UX design principles and tools.

    Free Demo Class

    BigBoxx offers free demo classes for UI/UX Designing course. Get to know the techniques and understand the importance of the design that makes users experience best.

    Free study Material

    Free study materials for UI/UX design courses can be found at free WiFi services unlimited, desktop service. even include tutorials, articles, and ebooks covering topics such as design principles, user research, prototyping tools, and interface design techniques.

    100% Job Placement Record

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    Why the UI/UX Design Training course instead?

    In the present world where everything is all about digitalization, business organizations are interacting with their customers in a new way and are trying to find out that user experience is an essential part of the process. Therefore, UX/UI design is more in demand than ever, they span across several industries requiring qualified UI/UX designers.

    Fundamentals of Design
    • Discover such rules as insignia, layout, type, and color theory.
    • Get an idea of how these principles can be used or applied to the user experience.
    User Research and Analysis
    • Conduct user research to identify user pain points and opportunities.
    •  Conduct a comprehensive review of research results for the development process.
    Wireframing and Prototyping
    • Create wireframes to make clear the space and flow of a digital interface.
    • Design interactive models that could represent how users will behave with the product
    Visual Design
    • Learn some methods that can build aesthetic UXs.
    • Study how to use visual hierarchy, iconography, and images.
    Interaction Design
    • Make the interactions between users and digital interfaces that will, in essence, be a journey for users.
    • Realize ideas about affordance, feedback, and responsiveness.
    Usability Testing
    • Keep usability tests to get users’ feedback.
    • Proceed with an iterative process that is based on the received test results.
    Design Tools and Apps
    • Acquaint yourself with industry-favored design tools, such as Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma.
    • You come and learn how to work with those tools to generate and manufacture prototypes.
    Responsive Design
    • Since modern web technologies demand responsive design, learn how to design interfaces for a wide range of devices and screen sizes.
    • Improve skills to guarantee compliance and navigability on multiple device types.
    Design Thinking
    • Build up your problem-solving skills using design thinking techniques.
    • Be able to version, refine, and re-build as per customer or end-user feedback.

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    ui ux design course in Chandigarh
    Future Scope and Demands

    The requirement for UI/UX experts is quickly increasing as many companies discover the necessity of delivering awesome user experience.

    User-Centric Design

    Firms are working on user-oriented design as a point of difference between their prospects to meet the industry’s growing demand for UI/UX designers.

    Mobile and Web Applications

    The onset of mobile tech and web apps has been the rise of well-designed interfaces that deliver perfect experiences across different platforms.

    Emerging Technologies

    A critical skill going forward is for designers to develop AI, AR/VR, and voice interfaces to make user experiences intuitive and engaging.

    Accessibility and Inclusive Design

    Designing products is getting more and more popular, and they have to be accessible for all, including disabled people – this provides promising career opportunities for UI/UX specialists who have skills in inclusive design.

    Continuous Iteration and Improvement

    The fact that UI/UX design is iterative implies that there will always be demand from design professionals to gather user input, analyze data, and incorporate these findings into existing products.

    Still Confuse About Career?

    If you are still confused about your career, do not hesitate to contact us.

    UI UX Design Training in Chandigarh - Check the Course Content

    • User Interface Definition

    • Design Thinking Introduction

    • Web and App Design Essentials

    • Physical product UI vs. digital product UI

    • Visual Design Principals Introduction

    • Mobile | Tab | Watch | Desktop | TV | Kiosk
    • Sketching Ac | TV remote

    • Android Vs IOS

    • Windows Vs MacOS

    • Design principles

    • Iconography

    • Typography

    • Color theory



    • XD Vs Figma Vs Sketch
    • Software interface

    • Working with assets

    • Working with shapes

    • Typography & Alignment



    •  UI Kit

    • Creating a UI style guide

    • Creating Product and System icons

    • Building UI library

    • Creating Component states

    • Creating UI Components

    • Screen transitions
    • Building UI library

    • Cards animation

    • Icon animation

    • Export for Android, IOS, and Web

    • Exporting Assets in PNG, JPEG, and SVG

    • XD Cloud share & Figma Multiple users

    • Collaboration with Developers

    • Share Specifics for Development

    • User Definition

    • UX History

    • Research Introduction

    • Experience Definition

    • Human Needs and their Importance

    • Mobile | Tab | Watch | Desktop | TV | Kiosk

    • Brainstorming

    • Android Vs IOS

    • Your area of interest

    • Stages in design thinking

    • Ideate

    • Testing

    • Define

    • Empathise

    • Moderated vs. unmoderated user testing

    • User feedback & Reiteration

    • Remote vs. in-person user testing

    • Benefits of Testing

    • Dashboard Designs

    • Smartwatch concept screens

    • Weather, e-commerce app screens

    • User feedback & Reiteration

    • Kiosk concept screens

    • Benefits of Testing

    • Mobile | Tab | Watch | Desktop | TV | Kiosk

    • Brainstorming

    • Android Vs IOS

    • Your area of interest

    • Mobile | Tab | Watch | Desktop | TV | Kiosk

    • Brainstorming

    • Android Vs IOS

    • Your area of interest

    Ask questions on UI ux design Classes

    Frequently Asked Question About UI UX Designing course

    Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about BigBoxx Academy's UI/UX Design training :
    What is UI/UX design?
    UI/UX design is an inclusive process of designing interfaces for websites, apps, and other digital projects. UI/UX designers do their best not only to make it possible for users to easily navigate digital products and interact with them but also to provide positive and enjoyable experience for users in this way or another.
    How much do UI/UX designers make?
    As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the media annual salary for UI/UX designers, web developers, and digital design, was $73,760 according to the May 2020 reports. Bottom 10% of the wage earner got paid less than $40,520, whereas 10% who were paid upper most got paid more than $124,520
    Is a bachelor's degree required for a career in UI/UX design?
    While having a bachelor’s degree in a domain such as graphic design or computer science places one a step further, it is not always a must-have for securing a job, in User Interface/User Experience Design field. The same can be said of most highly experienced UI/UX designers who may have had no formal training or a totally different field. Along with one job experience, it is essential to have a powerful portfolio of projects showing how you are skilled and capable of doing the assigned job.
    How can I get started in a career in UI/UX design?
    In order for you to branch your career into UI/UX design, first the know-hows and the portfolio should be prepared. On the contrary, that could mean that you enroll in online courses or workshops, join an internship or volunteer in an agency or startup, or work on design assignments in your homes. It could be part of the process as well to support communities about design and visit design events which are a good way to stay in trend and acquainted with new techniques.
    Career and Portfolio
    Is UI/UX design a good career choice?
    UI/UX design is a good career choice for people interested in digital design and the sense of commitment that stems from creating wonderful user experiences. The industry is looking for creative UI/UX designers, and this is a promising field to grow and thrive in the future years.
    What is the typical career path for a UI/UX designer?
    In addition to that, senior designers usually get job roles like the role of associate UX designers, the end goal though, is to become a lead UI / UX designer. Many of user interface and user experience designers also select the area of design to practice, for instance, web design and mobile apps design.

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