Master Degree Animation VFX In Chandigarh

Master Degree Animation VFX In Chandigarh

This program prepares the students to make successful career in different sectors of the media on the Animation and VFX. The course also raises the creative skills of the students. It is considered as one of the most demanding course. Animation .


Getting involved in Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) creation can give you a chance to dive into another world of endless creativity and passionate career possibilities. If you are passionate about both Animation and Visual Effects, Chandigarh gives you the best platform where a career in Master in Animation and VFX is the ultimate. The Bigboxx Professional Academy acknowledges the fact that it is of primary importance to offer a full scope of training in these areas so that you have all the required skills to succeed in the future.

How I'm sure your question is - Why I should pursue a Master's Degree in Animation and VFX?

In the 21st century animation and visual effects (VFX) have found their place in different fields, such as entertainment, films, games, and educational media. A Master's Degree in Animation and VFX not only expands your rationality skills but it nurtures as well as your artistic vision and storytelling abilities. It instills in you the art of transferring ideas to the world of visuals and creating amazing experiences that people would enjoy watching or experiencing. The Bigboxx Professional Academy Master's Degree curriculum is well-crafted to accommodate the delivery of both fundamental knowledge and real-world skills. With the curriculums, you will be taught about mastering standard industry software, the principles of animation and visual effects, and numerous other subjects, significant for your career development.

Key Features of the Program

Plunge into the depths of character animation, motion graphics, and 3D modeling to gain a sufficient grasp of animating basics. Discover the universe of VFX compositing, dynamics, as well as simulations, and learn how to develop stunning visual effects that reinforce the narrative journey.
- Industry-Relevant Projects:
Apply your knowledge in practical ways from different project studies and internships with some companies which will help you to understand how professionals operate.
- Professional Development:
Aside from the technological proficiencies, our program centers on boosting your communication skills, teamwork, and project management expertise, enabling you to be ready to work in the industry.

Why Choose Us?

Chandigarh with its modern styles and lively art community cannot be more perfect for chasing the dream of getting a master's degree in Animation and VFX. Chandigarh is only a bus ride away from major production houses, studios, and digital agencies thus there is a lot to explore in terms of networking, internships, and employment in print and imagery production. Being a Student at Bigboxx Professional Academy Your personal and creative development is our priority. Our state-of-the-art facilities, trained lecturers, and business-oriented approach give you the full range of services and knowledge assistance during your studies. From the workshops, seminars thru. guest lectures from professionals, we will make sure you are exposed to different points of view as well as new experiences that will widen your scope of learning.

Career Opportunities

A Master's Degree in Animation and VFX educational program brings into light a wide range of career options in diverse industries. Whether your goal is to be in film and television production, advertising firms, computer gaming companies, or architectural visualization, the program equips you with the knowledge and skills that will set you up for a prosperous future. Worldly demand for stunning visual content will rise, thus the talented people's future in animation and VFX seems promising.


A Master's Degree program in Animation and VFX is not merely the acquisition of technical competencies; it would be a journey of exploration unlimited creativity, and ultimately professional development. From curriculums that discover your strengths to industry links that help you reach the heights of your career path, the sky is the limit. Unleash the power that lies within and enjoy a well-paying profession in VFX and Animation from now on!
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