What are the Career options in Multimedia, Graphics or Animation?

In the last two decades, the animation and multimedia sector have reached heights never seen before.Multimedia is the field related to the computer controlled integration of images (or moving fixed), drawings, texts graphics, animations and audio. Career options Graphics , Multimedia, Animation. The content / information in the multimedia can be represented through digital media (video, audio and animation) in contrast to traditional media. Multimedia technology applies interactive computer elements such as images, text, graphics, video, sound and animation in one form to deliver the message. It is one of the most lucrative career options today.
In recent decades, the multimedia and animation industry has grown rapidly thanks to the popularity of animation movies, special effects, games, and graphics and Android applications. Successful films like Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, Shrek Wall-E, and The Jungle Book are just some of the wonders of modern animation technologies.

Career Options

The career options are basically similar for the Animation and VFX which include:

  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Defending
  • Product design
  • Comics
  • Archeology
  • Research / Forensic
  • Games including mobiles | console | desktop games
  • Medical Sciences
  • Film production
  • Editorial
  • Architecture
  • Broadcasting


Eligibility criteria

  • Minimum education qualification for a degree and diploma in animation is more than two or its equivalent of any recognized institution
  • Graduates of any sequence are also eligible to join the postgraduate course


Duties of a Multimedia Artist or Animator

  • Use computer programs and illustrations to create animations and graphics
  • Develop storyboards that trace key scenes in animations
  • Work with a team of animators and artists to create a game, a movie or a visual effect
  • Edit animations and effects based on comments from other animators, directors, clients or game designers
  • Investigate upcoming projects to help create realistic animations or designs
  • Meet with other animators, clients, game designers, other staff (which may include actors) and directors to review deadlines and development timelines.


Courses Available are:

  • Bachelor Degree in Animation and VFX
  • Masters Degree in Animation and VFX
  • Diploma in Animation and VFX

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