How to Start a YouTube Career?

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has evolved a lot from a simple platform for video hosting to a giant of marketing and social media. With 5,000 million videos every day being watched by 30 million visitors daily, the statistics are absolutely amazing; With this type of exposure, it is not surprising that a growing number of users have decided to make a living with it.
To be a professional YouTuber, you will need more than just a video camera and an interesting topic to be successful, you must be an expert in all trades, have understanding of all the basics of SEO and also online marketing techniques, as well as how to produce and create good content.

Steps to follow to make a YouTube career

  • Define your success

For some people, running a vlog is just a means to talk about their interest in make-up or sets of train models with friends. Getting a few hundred followers that offer some opinions and thoughts is a good advantage, but essentially the goal is to have a little fun.
That’s fine, but for people looking to make a profession, success is defined in more serious terms. Set realistic goals (for example, 50 subscribers by the end of the month) and continuously measure your progress in relation to your goals.

  • Know your competition

Knowing what your competitors are doing is important to understand what you are facing and it can also be a positive learning process. Do not copy what other people are doing in fact compare your own work with that of your colleague but do not try to replicate it. “Do not follow a trend, or you’ll lose yourself in the crowd.”

  • Research keywords

The first thing any aspiring vlogger should know is that good content is useless if nobody is watching it. As there are many things loaded on the site, and they all compete for the views therefore, to be seen you must understand how keywords work.
Like Google, YouTube’s search algorithm is designed to return results that it believes are best suited to the intention of the search engine. Take the time to understand the importance of this, as it should be the cornerstone of your entire marketing strategy. Once you know what people are looking for, you can create your content accordingly.

  • Do not neglect SEO

By ensuring that your content is unique, new and regular, you are already taking care of some of the search engine optimization (SEO) jobs. However, the real value is in the metadata (the information and description section below the video). Be sure to put your keywords in all the right places, use the links wisely and do not make silly mistakes, such as forgetting to allow embedding in your videos (how else are people going to share them?)

  • Use featured videos

Sometimes it can be a good idea to send your video to the “Featured Videos” section of YouTube. It costs money, but it will be seen by many people in a short space of time, and once the video takes off, the organic traffic will continue. Therefore, you should only send videos that you are very confident that people will like.

  • Establish relations

To push your visualization figures to the next level, you will need establish relationships with famous and established YouTubers.
Look for channels that offer incentives and are relevant to you and for the owners of those channels to expose you, ideally in a way that makes sense to your audience.

  • Use social networks

Your focus might be on building your YouTube follow-up, but this does not mean you should ignore other social media platforms, or potential viewers that you could send to your channel. In particular, Twitter is a very effective platform in which you can disseminate information about your vlog, with the added advantage that you can also insert and share your videos.

  • Content

While technical and marketing aspect of things are vital for the creation of viewers and, subsequently, for the success, the content of the videos is what will always be there, and what people will always judge.

  • Patience

Patience is probably the biggest difference between those who do it and those who give up from the beginning. In all the steps of the process, you must remember that success will not come overnight; it must accumulate slowly over time. Many of the most successful YouTube users posted videos for years before they started to be profitable.
Do not worry so much about trying to go viral. For long-term success, focus on creating a video center where your personality shines and people can understand what you are doing.
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