Work from Home jobs based Animation courses 2020

Work from Home jobs based Animation courses 2020

Diploma in VFX & 3D Animation

BigBoxx Academy is the fastest 3D Animation & VFX training institute in Chandigarh offering a wide range of animation courses. Animation is basically all about creativity, passion and the technology application. Surely, BigBoxx academy provides you high end animation training with excellent 3D Animation and Visual Effects as per the industry requirements. We strongly trust to diminish all gaps between profession and education. Our courses are professional job oriented 3D animation courses and specially designed to provide career oriented opportunities.  

Course Objective 

This course provides you with in- depth knowledge about several aspects of 3D animation, modelling and CGI special effects. This course includes all keys which can be required in the animation industry. This program includes many contents.

Key Features of this Course 

  • Highly advanced and practical using commercial specification software and computers
  • Learn how make unique character and animate 
  • Learn how to manage simple to complex problems
  • Learn how to make commercial quality textures, detail and environments 

Prerequisite to join 3D animation and VFX course 

The course can be pursued by a graduate or undergraduate. And people having good sketching or drawing skills, or art/designing background will be an added benefit. Today, we see animation everywhere in cartoon programs, films, TV commercials etc. The best way to launch your career in professional VFX and 3D animation production, film, TV and other sources of media is that individuals must have training from  the best animation institute. 

Animation and 3D modelling

Animation and 3D Modelling courses help students to work in the 3D course using the latest technology. It assists them to get familiar with the latest softwares and techniques. Our courses are conducted by well trained and experienced instructors. It includes theory as well as practical sessions. We have several advanced 3D animation and modelling courses in our listing from lighting, Bodypaint 3D, storyboarding, Dynamics, MoGraph, Xpresso, character animation to modelling. Each of course can be segmented for different kinds of jobs that need various kinds of 3D animation application. 

A/V Editing and VFX 

BigBoxx  Academy aims to develop the Media and Entertainment production according to the world standards by creating accessible the hottest techniques and new technology. A/V editing and VFX include Audio Synchronization, Controlling Pitch and Tempo, Sound and Non Linear editing, Casting styles and many more areas. 

Live Project Training with us

3D modeller | 3D Animator | 3D Artist | Professional Cartoonist | Gaming Expert | Audio & Video Specialist |Special & Visual Effects | Character Animator 

Who can do this course?

This course is an ideal choice for those who have an interest in animation. It is true animation is a creative thing and it requires imaginative skills and lots of passion. One should have the ability to spend long hours on movies and other creative things. Through dedication and hard work one can easily get success in life. 

Career Prospects in animation 

Today the animation industry has great scope and opportunities in the media and entertainment industry. VFX and 3D Animation study assures that they become highly skilled 3D artists. Professionals of VFX and 3D animation can explore career avenues for different positions in the market such as pre-visualization artist, texture artist, technical director, lighting artist, modeller and technical director. 

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