How To Make Money During Quarantine – Online Business Opportunities During Corona Pandemic 2020

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How To Make Money During Quarantine – Online Business Opportunities During Corona Pandemic 2020

How To Make Money During Quarantine - Online Business Opportunities During Corona Pandemic 2020
How To Make Money During Quarantine – Online Business Opportunities During Corona Pandemic 2020. Hey guys today we’re going to be talking you all about starting a business in a  time of difficulty like there’s an epidemic going on right now we’re going to talk about how to start a business right now during this time where people are scared they’re losing their jobs how do you take advantage of it and turn it into an opportunity let’s get right into it we all know that break now there is a lot of very difficult things going on in the world this coronavirus outbreak you know you can see on the news that people are losing their jobs.
it’s an extremely difficult to time so the truth is however that during those difficult times that’s where people create opportunities that’s when these opportunities are born where people become millionaires just because they saw something other people didn’t see and today we’re going to talk exactly about those things that you can do that don’t require that do not require a lot of budgets and you can do right away with very little difficulty and get great results at pretty quickly specifically I’m talking about starting a business online.

There is a huge opportunity right now to be able to start something online and really get it going. I’m it’s the time where other proof there’s definitely a learning curve here.

However it’s far less risky than the  typical brick-and-mortar business right if you compare things like costs things like you know how much how much time it will take you to start and a brick-and-mortar business to an online business there’s no comparison because number one very low cost of investment in terms of starting capital once you do started what’s going to happen is that you’re going to have a lot less head cost in general right so a definitely huge opportunity here now when we’re talking about starting  businesses you really need to select something that will allow you to make a living doing all kinds of different economic conditions and that’s  one beauty of an online business where online business allows you to do that because it’s so adaptive right like you can you can change marketing techniques to address economic conditions you can pivot into a different direction if you know if you have the skills how to do it basically having said that here are some ideas that you can you can do right now and be very successful in a very short period of time without a lot of startup capital and pretty much anywhere in the world
The first thing we’re gonna talk about is something that’s called affiliate marketing and if you’ve been online at any length of time obviously you’ve heard that term before but I’m talking about doing it right now because affiliate marketing it’s essential it’s a very simple concept all you do is you sell somebody else’s product or service and they pay your Commission’s for it so you don’t have to worry about fulfillment you know how to you don’t have to worry about you know managing inventory none of that stuff you can do it anywhere in the world and get paid commissions for it so very easy concept and the truth is that this particular business model is growing like crazy right now because it is really easy to start right and that’s one of the things that people want right now right that they actually estimate by the by 2022.

This industry will grow to eight billion dollars that’s crazy that’s  lot of money to generate through this to this industry what the key to this is to basically test a lot of offers that you really need to you can’t just say okay well I’m going to pick this one offer and now I’m going to make money from it doesn’t work like that fellate marketing it’s all about testing different offers at different landing pages to drive traffic to and  you do need to learn how to market how to drive traffic to the offers right so there is that caveat but that learning how to drive traffic it’s pretty much exist in any online business right so you will need to learn that anyways and I’ll give you some tips of how to do that at the end of the video so let’s talk about affiliate marketing so we already mentioned that you need to pick an offer right and you need to test you need to test it with live traffic and you need to test many offers right sooner offer will likely not work now where do you get these offers well there’s such things as offer marketplaces right one famous one is Clickbank there’s it’s been around forever it’s probably one of the most well known ones out there right now but there’s others so for example and jvzoo is one where you know they sell digital products right so that’s a huge marketplace there is peer fly right they have all kinds of different offers.
There they’re you know Amazon Associates to sell amazon offers right like to actually become an Amazon seller but on an affiliate site right so you don’t have to worry about the inventory and getting some pliers and all of that stuff right so definitely something to great to start with and it’s pretty easy all you really have to do is learn how to drive traffic to these type of offers now the second thing we’re going to be talking about is selling courses online and there’s a huge movement going on right now that essentially is driving towards self-education right so people are losing their jobs so what are they going to do how they’re going to learn how they’re going to earn a living right so the self education is a huge movement it actually started way before this epidemic however right now it’s more prevalent than ever and the truth is that in our agency people who have these educational offers and doing the best right now it’s really crazy how much money people are able to generate during these like economically really scary times right now if you do have a passion of some sort right this type of offer would be a better way to go for your students then going through a traditional university
Because you know a traditional university the cost of it is gonna be huge plus the teacher abroad like broad subject matter kind of they teach you a lot of different things in a broad way right this is more specific more targeted right so if you wanted to learn how to do YouTube ads you can find a course how to do YouTube ads if they’re not teaching you media buying in general just to YouTube ads right so again really good opportunity to do something like that once you figure it out so let’s say you have a skill of some sort
You made a course how do you sell it now well you have several options number one you can do it on your own website very easy to setup you can do something like Shopify or Wix very affordable solutions and they allow you to sell the products on there now the  second option is for you to sell through a a marketplace right so a marketplace would be places like udemy or Skillshare.or masterclass they essentially help you market your course now the third thing is to host it but host it on a platform that specializes in courses like teachable for example teachable kajabi those are examples right so whichever option you pick just remember this is not magic again you will still need to drive traffic to that course but if you compare to other ways of doing it this is a great way for you to start and the last thing we’re going to be talking about is something that’s called drop shipping again really simple concept to understand essentially it’s not carrying inventory and selling a physical product so the way it’s done it’s very simple you just contact a wholesaler of some sort and instead of shipping it to your warehouse what they going to do is ship it to your customer directly so you don’t have to have a carry inventory that’s all it means now this is a really tricky or e-commerce is tricky in general however if you’re smart about it and you’re creative about it right now it’s a huge opportunity so the biggest thing to consider in e-commerce and drop shipping specifically is to choose a category that will go in line with current market conditions right so obviously we’re having this epidemic and is there’s a lot of difficulty going on  right a lot of issues people I experienced right so now if you choose your category properly for example if you choose something related to pets because pets are not going away.
How To Make Money During Quarantine - Online Business Opportunities During Corona Pandemic 2020People will still need to feed them and still need to take care of their pets so this is a great way to address that need right and that’s like a recession-proof category because you know whether research economy is good or bad your pet will pet will still be there right and people are very passionate about it you know things like that related to health a good right now things like outdoors or you know survival type need right so if you are able to pick this category correctly you have a huge opportunity because this type of business does not require you to you don’t need to have a lot of overhead in this type of business right all you need to do is you need to have a really nice presentation for your product that you’re selling and ability to sell it and that’s about it and drive traffic to it of course so once you figure those things out you’re good to go that that’s pretty much it so now where do you go to find these offers well one big marketplace is called Aliexpress and that’s probably one of the well-known ones but there’s tricks of how to use that and that marketplace as well so for example majority of manufacturers on that marketplace are from China has a little bit of difficulty shipping right now so you could actually choose within Aliexpress manufacturers that will that will ship from US warehouses there’s also other websites out there that you can research that have listing similar to Aliexpress but they geared  towards us suppliers right so if they’re already in US it will be easy for you to be able to ship those products to your customers right now let’s go to the last part which is marketing we all understand that any of these businesses will all want marketing and so how do you actually learn how to market or very simple you take courses for example.
We have a course it’s a YouTube ads course that’s geared towards all of the things that I mentioned to you could take that course and within weeks you’re gonna be able to start doing something that actively gives you an income now obviously our course cost money so what if you don’t have the budget to do it well no problem all you have to do is start with something little right so you’re here watching this video obviously this is you know this is something that you’re interested in so perfect no problem at all use this platform YouTube learn free techniques of how to promote products and once you generate some income at that point you can go ahead and buy course and get that condense knowledge that people offer when they sell courses right that it’s just a shortcut like a course is just a shortcut for you to succeed right so if that’s what I would recommend just start with youtube if you don’t have the money if you do have the money buy pours right away and invest in your education and then once you’ve done that very simple just give it a try

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