Responsive Web Designing with HTML5 and CSS3 Course Chandigarh

Bigboxx Academy’s Topics Covered: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Twitter Bootstrap, Photoshop and jQuery.

Responsive Website is defined as a diversity of best content, documents related to website and visual appearance of website main objective applying HTML5 and css3, Photoshop, Flash animation, XML, JQuery, JavaScript, & responsive web etc with web design courses in Chandigarh

Web Designing with HTML5 and CSS3 Course  Chandigarh

  • Domain Name and Hosting
  • Exploring Media Queries
  • Introduction to Responsive Design
  • An example with no Media Queries
  • An example using Device Width & Browser Width
  • An example using Browser Width and the Do Not Lie meta tag
  • An example using the Text-Size-Adjust CSS
  • Media Queries In the stylesheet link
  • CSS reset and Natural Box Model
  • Coding a Responsive Design Web Page
  • An overview of a responsive site using the mobile first approach
  • Review the responsive start files
  • Building the page header
  • Build responsive navigation
  • Add a Gradient Background to the Desktop
  • Add a 100% wide graphic that scales to the browser width
  • Display the articles to appear in two columns
  • Advanced CSS3 overview
  • Add Content to Start File
  • Add Gooogle Font & CSS graident
  • Style the Content , Add Social Icons
  • Tablet Navigation , Box Shadow , Round Corners
  • Background of stars for the desktop
  • Glow In Wrapper &Header Image
  • CSS Transitions &CSS Transitions for images
  • Demonstrate a Ribbon Footer
  • View the completed example
  • Additional Resources.
  • Building a sample page for a Craft Store
  • Craft-Explaination of the HTML artistic columns
  • Craft-Markup the wrapper, left and middle divisions
  • Craft-Markup for the phone navigation button
  • Craft-Add the Google font and body texture
  • Craft-Stylize the phone navigation & tablet navigation
  • Craft-Stylize the desktop navigation & Mondrian columns
  • Live Project