How To Add Fur Trim To Clothes?


Step 1 : Make a technical sketch of cape or any jacket where you want to put fur .
( NOTE : make each part on different layers . )

Step 2: take any fabric swatch and put it into swatch file . Now fill the swatch in needed area. You can use plane solid color as well .

Step 3 : Add color to rest of the pattern . for example pockets and lining, and draw the seam lines as well.
Step 4 : Now we will make brush . make a line and shape it with width tool in a way that it looks oval from bottom and sharp from other end, copy & rotate it in circular motion such that it make ball of needles. Group them and copy them  shifting their angle and changing color 1 tone lighter each time        ( repeat process to 8 to 10 times. Now save the brush in brush library as scatter brush . Brush will look like a fur ball . ( see image )

Step; 5 : Now make a line in a shape of pattern where ever you need fur . click on brush and you will have your fur. Adjust settings of scatter brush according to need .