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The goal of the music production classes we offer is to give you the skills and information you need to work in the fast-paced field of music creation. We will teach you the newest methods and tools used to make and change music, whether you want to be a music producer, sound engineer, or work in the music business. Check out our wide range of classes and start your path to becoming a master of music production.

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    Learn Music Production & Sound Engineering From Internationally Certified Music Engineer

    Chandigarh Music Academy is designed specifically to train you in all the professional activities as a Music director, Music Producer, Music Programmer, Music Arranger or Record Producer. Chandigarh Music Academy has created Sound Engineering and Music Production course in Chandigarh for all the budding Engineers and Musicians who wish to make a mark in the music industry.


    Music Production Course in Chandigarh, Music Production is the best course for who want to be a music director in international industry. This Chandigarh Music Academy offers you the opportunity to build the skills required of today’s music producers and Sound engineers.

    Mixing &

    Mixing and Mastering is the most crucial part of making a great song. It’s the magic that brings life into your song. Learn how to mix and master like professionals with the best music academy in Chandigarh. Subjects covered include, EQ, compression, panning, level balancing and reverb.


    Diploma in Audio Engineering in Chandigarh, Sound Engineering can be considered as the Heart of all Music Performances. It is the vehicle which transports an Artist’s concept to complete finalization. With a Detailed and a career oriented course syllabus

    Instruments &

    Vocal Classes In Chandigarh, In Vocal, keyboard plays a crucial role in all forms of Western music. The best composersVocal Classes In Chandigarh use the singing because they are able to transmit the key aspects of melody, rhythm and harmony.

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    I highly recommend it to everyone whether just for learning as a hobby or learning to become a pro. If you're up for it, they'll make you reach the best of your potentials. The mentors there are amazing, never seen anyone more responsible, friendly and understanding. They are also extremely helpful.
    I have been learning Music production course from Chandigarh Music Academy...Had the best learning experience ...i highly recommend this academy for all those who are willing to learn music production.
    Jaspreet Singh
    Without a doubt Chandigarh Music Academy is the best place for Music Production Course in Chandigarh. The special thing about the place is that they tailor make their programs as per your need. They helped me complete the course in a short time while leaving no loose ends at any point.
    Rahul Chaudhary