100% Job Oriented Computer Courses after 10th

Job Oriented Computer Courses after 10th
Job Oriented Computer Courses after 10th

Free from boards exams? Got amazing results? A life of student is not at all easy because they need to clear many phases in life that are quite challenging for their age, and as now you have completed your 10th standard, it is now time to accept another challenge that is choosing the best computer course after 10thor any other course that you want to do in order to shape your career.In this guide,We are going to mention the top 100% Job Oriented computer courses to do after 10th and we are sure you will pick up one or many courses from this list only. Don’t think that only these are the computer courses near me that you can do after 10th, the list is infinite but mentioned are the best computer course after 10th.
Have you completed your 10th? Are you confused about which course to do after 10th? Here at BigBoxx Academy Chandigarh we offer specialized job oriented crash courses for you to be a complete IT professional. These are the best courses those who are in school and have passed their 10th.Crash Courses after 10th.
To make a successful career in IT sector, students look for job oriented computer courses after 10th and they get confused as there are several institutions offering these courses so it becomes tough to decide. Technology is expanding nowadays and thus everyone has to improve or develop their skills or knowledge about computers to get a decent job. Crash Courses after 10th. We at BigBoxx Academy Chandigarh offer Degree, Diploma and Professional courses after 10th that are 100% work-oriented and skill-based.

Various Courses Available

Degree Courses:

  • Bachelor Degree in Animation and VFX:

 Duration: 2 years
 Total semesters: 4

  • Masters Degree in Animation and VFX:

  Duration: 3 years
Total semesters: 6

Diploma Courses:

  • Diploma in Animation and VFX:

Duration: 15 months

  • Diploma in Web Designing and Development:

In Web Designing we have three types of program:

  • Web Designing : 4 Months Course
  • Web Designing, Development and Interactivity : 6 Months Certificate Course
  • Diploma in Web Designing and Development with Interactivity : 12 Months Diploma


  • Diploma in Software engineering:

Duration: 1 year

  • Diploma in Mobile Application Development:

 Duration: 1 year

  •  Diploma in Digital Marketing:

Duration: 30-45 Days

  • Diploma in Game Designing and Development:

Duration: 1 year
Conclusion: We at BigBoxx Academy Chandigarh the leading institute for 100% job oriented computer courses provide the best training for the young aspirants you wish to enter into IT sector. In this way, we prepare our students to lead a successful career in the field of IT.
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