How to become a professional Web Designer?

“Know how to become a professional Web Designer from a successful entrepreneur in web”


Kuldeep Singh
The Web Spiders


For becoming a professional web designer first thing is skill, now the question arises from where to get skilled in Web Designing? Which would be the best option? Should you learn web designing through internet or study it through books or to join any academy? Well you will find your answers below:

Being a professional Web Designer and Developer I will suggest those who are seeking for a successful career in Web Designing that, they need not to spend hundreds of hours on internet for learning web designing through lengthy tutorials or to spend thousands of rupees on various books, because even after going through all these you still does not contain enough information that you need to become a professional web Designer. My name is Kuldeep Singh, I started my career 10 years ago and now I am a Professional Web Designer and an Entrepreneur, I am running my own development company “The Web Spiders”. Internet and books can just help you in explore things but for foundation in Web Designing you need a teacher, an experienced teacher who have actually developed sites and have worked on many projects.

I want to tell all and especially those, who are interested in web designing but have no idea about it that even they can become a successful web designer as it is not hard at all , yea surly it need some effort but equally it is interesting too. You need to learn some software’s first and then the concepts of Web designing. There are some steps of making a Web site, you have to learn Photoshop for creating a professional Web Page template.HTML codes to develop site, Flash, java script and j query for Animated stuff on web site and the most important part is to learn the updated things on website like Responsive Web designing, one should be expert in HTML codes for responsive site. I have seen that students are getting training on old versions which is not at all sufficient for getting job. Thus students should choose an Academy where they have a development team as well because then only they will get the latest training and live project experience.

Web design is a constant development field, thus one have to keep him/her updated with the knowledge and with the most recent work, which is important to cast a professional image. I strictly advise Every Web site learner to develop their own portfolio site and keep it updated as this will help in showcasing their ability, work and in getting a good job.

Good Luck