How to be a Freelance Web Designer?

Have you ever wondered how to start your career as a web designer? Well, I’m sure you did. Then you must have had many questions. Where to start learning and where to find work? That is why this article is created to help you find solutions to answers.

 Who is a Web Designer?

Web designers design web pages, web sites and web applications for companies, organizations, industries or governments to establish their identity for their online community. Web design is the process that allows visitors to access web pages on a platform with several images, texts, links, graphics, etc.

Skills Required

There are many skills that you must develop and / or perfect to get some decent independent projects. Many people can code in JavaScript, but those who have a lot of money are people who dominate them. If you want to count among the latest wealthy web designers, here are some skills that are absolute cornerstones for a career in this industry.

  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Attention to details
  • Analysis capacity
  • Communication skills
  • Independence
  • Self motivation


Job Duties as a Freelance Web Designer

Some of your job tasks as a web designer may include:

  • Maintaining continuous contact with managers and clients to determine the objectives and requirements of the work
  • Precise creation of web designs
  • Production of sample websites
  • Demonstration and reception of comments about site projects
  • Stay updated with the latest technological and software developments
  • Develop skills in software programming languages such as Html5, CSS3, JavaScript etc.


Courses Available

  • Web designing: 4 months of course
  • Web design, development and interactivity: 6 month certificate course
  • Diploma in Web Design and Development with Interactivity: 12 month Diploma

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