How To Be A Freelance Social Media Manager?

Social networks have affected the way of advertising and online marketing . The reasons why people go for a career in social networks. In addition to the fact that there is a lot of money and there is also a need to learn a totally new and novel style of digitization.
Social media managers  are highly valued for their strategic contributions and earn the highest salaries and are often the voice of advertising campaigns and digital marketing.

Skills Required

Some specific skills which will keep Social Media Manager in a good position as a social network administrator include:

  • Writing: The knowledge of writing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is desirable. Social media administrators should know how to write effective copies in many styles.
  • Problem solving skills: social media administrators must be able to communicate, resolve and transmit messages from the organization on various platforms.
  • Research skills: social media managers must remain updated with trends of social networks and online.
  • Online interpersonal skills: social media managers are the link between the public and an organization. Therefore, it must be accessible and friendly online.
  • Organizational skills: must be organized to communicate effectively with customers, to execute and configure social networking strategies.
  • Technical skills: Understanding the technological aspects, accessing the Internet through SEO and being aware of technology.


Job Duties of A Freelance Social Media Manager

Social Media Management is now an emerging career. Some of the main duties of Social Media Managers include:

  • Manage the presence of an organization in social networks
  • Generation of advertising and promotional content for the organization
  • Answer queries from social networks, according to company standards
  • Brain assaulting new ideas and analyzing the disadvantages and advantages of an idea
  • Keep up with the latest trends online
  • Monitoring of changes in public perception and compliance with promotional objectives
  • Advertising on various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.


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