Hand Craft a Silk Thread Bangle

Material Used

  1. Silk thread,
  2. Scale,
  3. Fabric glue,
  4. Pearls & stoned lace,
  5. Plain bangles,
  6. Fevi quick.

Follow Steps

  1. Take silk thread of your favorite colour and give it around 30-40 rolls over the ruling scale from one end to the other vertically.
  2. Hold carefully and pull the rolled thread out of the ruling scale and glue both ends of the collected thread and make one piece of it. Leave it to dry for a few minutes.
  3. Take three plain bangles stick one over the other to make it one.
  4. Wrap the stick bangles with the collected piece of silk thread and glue it well.
  5. Repeat the process until you wrap the entire bangle and convert it to a single piece.
  6. Take the pearls or colorful beads and fabricate the bangle as you want.
  7. Paste a stone chain again to fabricate the bangle a little more.

Your handcrafted silk thread bangles are ready to hit a marriage, a party or anywhere you want to flaunt your ethnic Indian look, which you think is incomplete without a beautiful pair of bangles.