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Completing 10th or 12th and opting for a graphics designing course can be a worthwhile decision for students with creative interests. Graphics designing courses offer gateways into a world of creativity that can train people to efficiently communicate ideas and messages through visualizations. Searching for a graphics designing course in Chandigarh, Bigboxx Professional Academy is one of the more noteworthy alternatives.

Why Choose Graphics Design Courses:

Creativity Unleashed:

By taking graphics design courses, students are allowed to showcase their creativity. They learn to turn ideas into visual elements improving their artistic talents.

Versatile Career Options:

Finishing a graphics design gives career options. Graduates have the chance to work in promotion, marketing, web design, animation, etc.

In-Demand Skills:

In the current technical world, the need for skilled graphics designers is on the rise. Companies look for professionals who can create compelling content for use on websites, on social media, and in marketing materials.

Freelancing Opportunities in Graphics Designing:

Graphics designers are usually available for freelance work. This enables them to undertake a wide range of projects and work with clients from varied industries.

Bigboxx Professional Academy’s Graphics Designing Course:

Bigboxx Professional Academy in Chandigarh offers a graphic designing course that focuses on developing industry-required skills in students. The course covers:

Fundamentals of Design:

The fundamentals of design principles, color theory, and typography are taught to learners, making their creative path quite stable.

signing Course:

The graphic design course offered by the Bigboxx Professional Academy in Chandigarh is a comprehensive course intended to give the necessary skills to the students, which are currently needed in the industry. The course covers:

Fundamentals of Design:

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of design elements, color theory, and typography, which creates a solid base for their creative exploration.

Software Proficiency:

The course involves practical training using the latest software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. A successful career in graphics design relies on proficiency in these tools.

Project Work:

Bigboxx Professional Academy focuses on practical learning through projects. Students have the chance to use their knowledge in practical situations, which helps develop their problem-solving skills.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum:

This curriculum is developed in partnership with industry professionals to provide students with contemporary skills and knowledge.

Placement Assistance:

After completing the course, students receive a placement service to help them begin their careers. Bigboxx Professional Academy is affiliated with several companies where students have a chance to demonstrate their abilities.

Why Chandigarh for Graphics Design Courses:

Chandigarh, which has several renowned educational institutions and an exciting atmosphere, is a hotspot for graphics design courses. Learning and creativity thrive in the city. At Bigboxx Professional Academy located in Chandigarh, students not only receive a good education but also get acquainted with the industry in such a vibrant city.


Registering in a graphics design courses after passing out of the 10th and 12th standard is a footing stone for a satisfying and ever-changing profession. Bigboxx Professional Academy in Chandigarh is a well-known institution, offering a balanced course that allows learners to meet the challenges of the graphics designing initiative. If you have a passion for invention and visual communication, selecting a graphics designing course can be the first compelling step towards an amazing occupation.