Graphic Designers interview questions and answers 2018

Graphic Designers interview questions and answers 2018

To help you cope with the discouraging process of the interview, we have put together some of the main questions that HR managers formulate and the answers you should prepare to impress them.

  1. What qualities and skills should a good graphic designer have?

“Creating great designs” is not enough. A good designer can articulate how his designs communicate the vision of his brand and solve practical problems.

  1. How do you work with collaborators like copywriters, developers, and project managers? Tell me about the final hand-off process.

Great graphic designers are team players who ask questions and solicit feedback. A good candidate will feel comfortable collaborating with clients on a project. They should be able to recommend specific file types for review, source files, and deliverables to make the final hand off as smooth as possible.

  1. How do you incorporate comments into your designs? At what point did you receive harsh criticism for your work?

You want to make sure you select someone who can solve design problems, not create them. Great designers are not valuable about their work, and mature designers appreciate and incorporate constructive feedback.

  1. Describe your creative process? What are the main steps?

Each designer must have a detailed response prepared for this. A good designer will not jump and just start designing. Great designers begin by trying to understand the problem they are being asked to solve. Depending on the project, they can interview users or consult the data to determine the best course of action. They should also allow at least one round of substantial feedback and iteration before they present their final designs.

  1. What brands do you admire the most and how do they influence your work?

This is a good opportunity to see if a designer is aware of current design trends and adapts well to the specific needs of your business. They must be able to articulate what makes a brand stand out, graphically speaking, whether that brand is directly related to its business or if it shares similar attributes.

  1. How are difficult deadlines met? Tell me about once you completed a great job under pressure.

Good designers are attentive and thorough, but also want to make sure they know how to prioritize and work well under time constraints.

  1. Let’s say you are designing a new logo for our company. What would it look like?

This question gives you the opportunity to observe a designer’s thought process firsthand and see how well they understand your company or product.

  1. What is an example of a project in which you do not agree with the client’s comments and how did you handle it?

Good designers should be able to defend and support their work in a professional and respectful way. He wants designers who believe enough in their work not to corner themselves, but rather to be difficult to work or refuse to adapt.

  1. Tell me about your experience working remotely. What do you think is important to make sure that the work is done efficiently?

This question should give you an idea of ​​the work style of a graphic designer. Mention the importance

  1. Let’s say someone tells you to design something without context. What do you do?

Nobody likes it, but sometimes designers are asked to create something without much context. A good designer can pass the bumps and find answers to your questions, whether there is a detailed creative summary or not.

  1. How do you measure the success of your designs?

A good designer should always look for comments and opportunities to repeat. They should be concerned about metrics, such as conversion rates, target clicks and user comments, even if they are not measured by them.
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