Fashion Industry has no limits because Imaginations have no limits

Fashion always changes with time, so Fashion Designers are so versatile and creative in their own fields. Fashion design is actually the art to explore natural beauty in fields of clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social latitudes, and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories such as bracelets and necklace, because of the time required to bring a garment onto the market, must at times anticipate changing consumer tastes.
Fashion designers attempt to design clothes which are functional as well as pleasing. They consider who is likely to wear a garment and the situations in which it will be worn. They have a wide range and combinations of materials to work with and a wide range of colors, patterns and styles to choose from. Though most clothing worn for everyday wear falls within a narrow range of conventional styles, unusual garments are usually sought for special occasions such as evening wear or party dresses.
Fashion is a wide field where significance has to be given to each and every single trait in this like fabric, color,design,shape,appearance,quality,seasons,patterns,style,region,generation and a lot more. One can make a fabulous career in Fashion Designing which gives the opportunity to explore their own field and be creative in it. It gives the opportunity to even see the world, people, culture may be life, quiet closely (REALLY).
Some clothes are made specifically for an individual what we call Designer Clothes for a particular being. Today, most clothing is designed for the mass market, especially casual and every-day wear. Fashion Designers may work for themselves as “in-house-designers” or full time for other designers or part time for extra earnings as they sell their designs to big Fashion Houses, shops or Clothing manufacturers. And if we talk about Extra earnings, that should be according to ones talent and creativity and good exposure with reliable fashion Institutes Earning is not a mammoth task here because fashion is Something which never stops but gets changed or may be revived in a totally different sense. Fashion has no limits because imaginations have no limits.
Fashion is now Global as we can see fashion industry growing in very major countries of our planet Earth. China, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Indonesia, Malasia,Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Brazil and many more. If we talk about American Fashion Industries, they are mostly based in New York City.. Brands like Vera Wang, Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, Bob Mackie, Anna Sui, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger,Geoffrey Beene, Oleg Cassini, Perry Ellis, Kenneth Cole, James Galanos, Todd Oldham, Donna Karan, Liz Claiborne, and Nolan Miller are the very succesful examples of this field. If we talk aboout British Fashion Successes, brands like  Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Stella McCartney, Thomas Pink, Jimmy Choo, Alfred Dunhill, Fred Perry, and Vivienne Westwood are on the top.
One can be a A fashion designer, A technical designer pattern maker, A tailor ,A textile designer stylist, A seamstress, A teacher of fashion design custom clothier, A dressmaker, An illustrator, A fashion forecaster model fashion journalist, An alterations specialist ,An Image Consultant, wardrobe consultant or fashion advisor and a lot more.. Scope is so much in this industry these days.
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