Fashion Event by BigBoxx Academy

Fashion Event by BigBoxx Academy

Fashion Event by BigBoxx Academy At BigBoxx academy we always try to message the people by doing some unimaginable things to save our environment. This time the students of academy try to give a message through their learning of fashion designing and created some dresses with waste materials.
As it is last month of year, December the month of Christmas Eve, New Year and every ones new resolution.
In this time BigBoxx Academy students plan something new on the Christmas eve so that we can send the environmental message to the people all over the world. Then we thought of fashion event in the academy and the dresses to be used, made up of waste material.

Then we picked the ideas from current affairs like the polythene bags are getting banned in Chandigarh so we thought of making dress based on this idea. Then the students of fashion designing also gave ideas like to make dress through the waste fabric of cloths and to use old and unwanted material in dress like waste Christmas trees and other material. Academy’s other web designing students also used waste disposable glasses, thermocol sheets and foil papers to make decorative pieces for the eve of Christmas.

The concept of making dersses is different to each dress concept.
Plastic dress is just to give message to the people to avoid plastic and to make use of plastic as we know that the plastic is non Bio-Degradeable so we can reuse the plastic bags as making different costumes for the fashion show.
Christmas dress is also made of waste materials of old Christmas tree and the waste wires. This dress is just to represent the occasion of the Christmas by re-using the waste material.
Waste cloth fabric is also of no use but the students thought of making dress through it they went to different beautiques and collected the waste fabrics of the cloth then they made the dress on the machine name called ADDA  and the finished dress was awesome and un-imaginable.
Environment dress is totally based on the livelyness of the environment and we all know that these days no one is living in a heathy environment so we all want to give message to every one that we all should protect the environment by planting more trees is equal to less pollution, more oxygen and healty life for future generations.
Marry Christmas and Happy new year from the team of BigBoxx Academy. 


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