Career in Mobile Application Development 2018

Isn’t it interesting to make a career in Mobile App Development? Mobile applications are part of our lives now. To order a pizza, we use an application; for any type of online purchase, we have applications; to play games, there are game applications. So the development of mobile applications is in great demand. Job offers for mobile application developers are expected to grow to 23%, a rate higher than the average from 2018 onwards until 2022.
If you work in the field of mobile application development, you will need to develop software or applications used on mobile devices, such as smart phones and smart devices, including tablets. From Windows to Android and to Apple, it develops a wide range of applications based on the category and interests of the audience. These attractive applications provide a broad set of capabilities to be feasible mobile applications, highly scalable and available all over the world.

What does a Mobile Application Developer do?

Mobile application developers specialize in designing small electronic equipment, as well as in writing computer programs for mobile devices. Instead of creating a larger PC screen, application developers work with extremely small Android, iPhone or BlackBerry screens.
They are well versed in multimedia applications and write software using programming languages ​​such as Objective-C, Swift, C ++, Python, Java or Kotlin. In addition, the application software is usually written for a specific operating system (OS) or mobile platform, such as Android, iOS or Windows. Generally, there are two types of developers:
Android Developers: Android is the mobile operating system owned by Google. Android is usually installed on several smart phones and tablets which give users access to Google services such as Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, etc. An Android developer develops applications for everything from interactive games to media players, e-book readers and global navigation software.
IOS Developers: iOS is another way of saying ‘iPhone OS’ or ‘iPhone Operating System’. It is the mobile operating system created by Apple and runs on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. IOS developers know Swift or Objective-C or, sometimes, both.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Mobile Application Developer

  • One has to master the programming languages and keep their technical skills updated in an accelerated environment
  • Recognize the specific needs of customers and create new applications that respond to those needs.
  • Create, maintain and implement the source code of the application program.
  • It is their responsibility to test and improve the applications and debug them as well.
  • Invent new ways to handle problems and develop innovative applications
  • Apply problem-solving skills and make decisions that drive the project.
  • Another responsibility will be to design the interface of the application and develop it.
  • Working as a team with software engineers, project managers, analysts and other application developers will require communicating your ideas and designs effectively.
  • Have a good eye for details and pay close attention to each part of the application so that it works without problems.

What’s the Job Perspective as a developer of Mobile Applications?

The demand for new and innovative mobile applications continues to grow. Due to this rapid growth, there are many opportunities for you to work as part of a company or independently.
According to many IT recruiters and managers, the demand for mobile application developers far exceeds the offer, for the time being. In the coming years, the labor market is expected to grow substantially. In fact, it is believed that by 2020, up to 300,000 new mobile application development roles will be created, of which the main one will involve work on applications for iOS and Android.
Therefore, finding a suitable position that meets your particular skills now or in the future will not be difficult. But the challenge will be, of course, to create an application that is completely unique and innovative.

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