Career in Digital Marketing 2018

Do you want to know about the career in digital marketing? Want to know about the opportunities which are there in digital marketing? Are you thinking of a career in digital marketing in India? Then you have come to the right place. This article will provide information on how you can develop your career in digital marketing and get the right job.
Why Digital Marketing?
The world is becoming digital and by the year 2020, all companies around the world, including India, will have online presence and will therefore create many career opportunities.

  • It is a progressive field. With technology in development every day, you must continually develop your digital marketing skills so that your career continues to grow.
  • According to research, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and companies that participate in online commerce have twice as many opportunities to create jobs as companies that do not.
  • It provides you with several career options. If you like coding, you can opt for web design or, if you’re a born writer, opt for content marketing, etc.

Various Careers in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director:

This is one of the highest positions in the field of Digital Marketing. To be on this position a person must have 5-7 years of experience in Digital Marketing. The Digital Director /Digital Marketing Manager watches over the general development of marketing, undertake digital marketing campaigns, designing strategies that generate more traffic, improve the website and update it regularly, etc.

  • Web Developer & Web Designer:

The terms web designer and web developer are used interchangeably, but the role of the web developer is specific, while the web designer does many things. As a web designer/ developer, the person will be responsible for designing, modifying and coding websites, making it easy to use and even attractive. It requires prior knowledge of Java Script, JQuery, HTML, CSS and web programming to obtain this role.

  • Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager:

As an executive / manager of social networks, the person controls the latest trends in social networks and plan strategies accordingly, coordinate periodically with the content team and the customer service team, creating quality content or video. Lot of creativity and knowledge of all social networks is essential for this job.

  • SEO Executive/ Expert/ Specialist:

SEO or Search engine improvement is a method to improve your site as indicated by the rules of the web index. Website optimization is the basis of advanced advertising and has the most extreme number of SEO jobs in the world. No site can work well without an essential use of web optimization systems. SEO executives are responsible for obtaining traffic on the website and improving Google ranking. They must ensure that the content of the website is compatible with searches, research SEO tools, conduct keyword research, create site maps and send them.

  • PPC/ SEM Expert:

They generate many leads for the company and, therefore, there is a high demand for PPC professionals. As a PPC / SEM expert the person is supposed to manage PPC keywords, refine landing pages, split ad groups, generate reports, provide suggestions for ad copy and graphics, etc.

  • Affiliate Marketing Professional:

If you have a site that has a direct activity, you can use the advertising of the members for example many organizations like Amazon, Flipkart etc. can put promotions on your site and you will receive the commission for each item that is sold through your site.

  • Content Writer/ Blogger:

The responsibilities of a content writer includes the creation of content that has all the qualities of becoming viral, ensuring that the content is promoted well through SEO, following the trends of content, coordinating with other teams and incorporating their contributions into the content. Content writing/ marketing requires impeccable knowledge of the English language along with a lot of creativity.