5 Best Freelance YouTube Marketing Jobs Online In 2018

Did you know that every day more than 95% of the world’s population watches YouTube videos in 75 languages? Isn’t it great? So, imagine what would be the growth rate through YouTube as you can connect with people around the world and create a sustainable clientele in a matter of minutes.
This shows that YouTube Marketing Jobs could be the next big thing in 2018. Like any other digital marketing job, marketing work for YouTube could also be considered an independent work opportunity in which any creative or marketing expert of YouTube will be awarded.
If you are a freelance professional and are looking for good online marketing jobs, here are the top 5 independent YouTube marketing jobs of 2018 that you can perform.

  • YouTube Technical Consultant

YouTube’s technical consultants work closely with YouTube products, engineering and content teams to address the urgent and complex YouTube challenges of brands and business.
Even though this is one of the reputed jobs and the salary scale is quite high, the job needs a certain amount of experience and previous experience in the field of digital marketing and YouTube marketing.
As an independent consultant, your job would be to manage technical commitments with media companies and you should be responsible for sustaining the success and satisfaction of the companies’ portfolio. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to lead projects and teams for various YouTube marketing objectives and actions that require collaborations. It will also be the instrument to improve existing operations, generate new solutions, shorten product gaps and take new initiatives for the conception and deployment of projects.

  • YouTube Leads Generator

Although there are several ways to distribute videos on social media channels, but the power of YouTube to get your videos in front of the target audience and increase the revenue of your business is unparalleled.
Today many brands launch YouTube videos to generate leads. It definitely is not easy therefore; most of the companies outsource the work of generating opportunities for freelancers and digital marketing companies.
If you know the tactics and strategies, and the prior knowledge of SEO to generate YouTube leads, you can do this work from anywhere in the country.
In addition, you must also provide valuable information to your customers about the appropriate video quality that is needed for effective lead generation on YouTube.

  • Video Channel Manager

The job of a channel manager is to regulate online distribution easily from one place. Uploading ads and videos on YouTube is not the only thing that will make your channel popular. Companies need efficient YouTube channel managers to carry out all aspects of a popular YouTube channel.
Fortunately, this is also a job of an independent professional and an independent manager of the YouTube channel focuses on increasing the credibility and visibility of the channel.
An independent YouTube channel manager should research the keywords and optimize the descriptions, titles and tags on the YouTube channel of the brand or company.
YouTube video channel administrators work independently without the need for superiors’ guidance. Your job function will include uploading videos on YouTube and maintaining a video release program. You must also keep up with the changes made to the YouTube platform.

  • YouTube Video animation

YouTube animation or self-made cartoon video is a low-cost alternative to high-definition videos, which can be mastered by any web user who has a creative gift. Animated videos are illustrations and are excellent storytellers. Unlike the real videos where you have a stage, a stage and actors, the animation videos include music, characters, scenarios and sound effects. Anyone can do them if you know how to use the right tools. There are several programs available on the market through which you can create animated cartoons and videos. The expensive ones even allow drawing human beings.
Then, as an independent professional, you can be an expert on YouTube videos. You can buy professional cartoon software or use one of the many online animation manufacturers to satisfy your client’s requirements. However, you may not get all the features that make an excellent animation video in the free online versions.

  • YouTube Video Creator

Video production is not an easy and cheap job. Therefore, nowadays companies prefer to choose an independent professional who is equally skilled with the technical aspects than a professional company. An independent professional can be a professional creator of YouTube videos and monetize passion with a short-term course or an online course that will help them.
As a video creator you will be to editing videos on YouTube, creating ads for YouTube viewers and also recording videos that speak about the client’s business in a promotional and clear way. YouTube videos are completely different from normal commercial videos, so you should learn the practicalities and marketing strategies to compile one for your client.
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