We stand by our motto—education for all—and are happy to extend scholarships to deserving applicants. No roadblock should keep you from realising your dreams, and we are here to ensure just that. We offer merit-based scholarships for virtuous students showing exemplary academic performance and a sponsorship programme for those in need.

Our merit-based scholarships are for the students who secure at least 60% marks in our scholarship test, and the fee waiver works as under:-

  • 50% off for scoring 80% and above
  • 25% off for scoring 70% and above, and
  • 15% off for scoring 60% and above
And the sponsorship programme that we offer applies to:-

  • Orphan applicants under the age of 20 years
  • Immediate family of martyred defence personnel

Sometimes a scholarship can be the bridging difference between a doomed career and a successful one! To apply for a scholarship, fill out the form given here.